15 School hairstyles 2017-2018

Trendy school hairstyles suggest a laconic style and unusual solutions. In a modern design school hairstyle radically different from that which we used to see earlier, because fashion never stands still. Today we will discuss school hairstyles will be relevant in the fall and also talk about future trends 2018. As noted stylists, this year it is fashionable to create volume styling your hair, which suggests additional bouffant. However, You must remember that not all kids hair is suitable for such solutions. These hairstyles are more suited to children in older age and graduates. So for school hairstyles we are going to talk in the key age.

Hairstyles for girls in first through fifth grade

At the beginning of the study an important criterion in the creation of hairstyles is its simplicity conciseness and convenience. The mother is trying to do her hair, original but don’t sacrifice your time, patience, and health of the child. Too tight hairstyles can damage the health of the hair, while flowing hair – in the educational process. What hairstyles to choose to be comfortable and mommy and baby let’s discuss the details.

Universal, according to stylists is the hair braid, however, not all netting is assumed for toddlers through fifth grade. The ideal solution would be braids in the style of the spike or French braiding, braid or Vice versa. You can create a braid at the center of the head when you do this, You only need to weave the side sections of hair, as in the classic spike. Hairstyle starts with the Bang and ends at the bottom of the ears and the tip of the hair fixed with gum, and hides inside, or remains in the form of the tail. Huge popular hairstyle in the form of two beams, or two braids or two ponytails. Today these hairstyles are fashionable to complement braids on the bangs or hairstyles to create with the fashion accessories. It is also important to create bundles where the base hairstyle is a braid, so you get beautiful high complicated hairstyle that does not interfere in the educational process.

According to many stylists, updo is the perfect option for every day. Special attention should be paid to hair in the form of a beam that can be created really at the very top. If the child has long hair it is best to fix my hair discount hair, or even to compose this hairstyle with a Hoop.
Hairstyle in the style of the bow is another great solution for the child’s everyday life. Hairstyle create hairstyles on the base of the tail while initially the hair collected in a tail, and then form a bundle of hair that is divided into two parts with the tip of the tail captures hair pins. It is quite the original version, which is suitable for all occasions with the texture of the hair and the outfits.

15 School hairstyles 2017-2018

Hairstyles for girls from grade 5 to 11

For the older girls stylists recommend to pay attention to a more complex combination of styles. We are talking about such pilings as example the tail paired with a scythe. This year it is fashionable to create a high ponytail and complemented his side braids. While stylists recommend to pay attention to additional fleece in crown. Elaborate hairstyles involve additional decorative elements in particular, pay attention to fashion this year slim chains to the hair and thin headbands of silk ribbon.

Very popular in the new season use hair in the style of the Samurai, which involves loose hair and collected strands of hair on the side and on top in the form of a beam. This hairstyle looks Japanese unusual and stylish. The hair is fashionable to leave her. You to create a festive image stylists recommend to choose the complex hairstyle based on curls. However, You must remember that hair is still should not interfere with education, and health. As a rule, commit them using a variety of weaving. Fashion this year braids in the style of a French waterfall has changed a bit. However, still enjoy great popularity among fashionistas. Video is important to create flowing hair or on the basis of the curls.

15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018 15 School hairstyles 2017-2018

Another fashion trend of the new season is braids in flowing hair, side braids and the volume effect. To create fashionable braids in flowing hair, the cashier needs to be large, which is quite unusual, because this technique of creating hairstyles stylists did not practice for a long time. What styling are perfect for loose hair and for hairstyles with bangs. Special attention should be given to combined hairstyles especially high option, which involves a combination of curls, braids and beams. This year to create fashionable hair knots and complement hairstyles and original accessories.

If you are looking for beautiful school hairstyle, pay attention to styling high ponytail. Fashionable to create the effect of additional fleece, and also add side braids and to form light curls on the tips of the hair.

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