20 Braids for hair with bangs

At all times hair braid was considered a standard of female character, thanks to its versatility, simplicity and feminine style. And today we’ll talk about what kind of braids can be created in a pair of bangs. Many of the girls are the owner of long hair or medium length hair with bangs.
Note that not all braids look good paired with bangs, many of them look ridiculous.

Braids for hair with bangs

Braids for hair with bangs
To make the hair look more harmonious, it is important to choose a hairstyle based on hair texture and volume personal data. Braids for medium length hair with bangs

If we are talking about medium length hair, that is here in the first place will be style that is incredibly popular in 2017. Fashion is very fleeting, but today the key trend of the new season is three-dimensional braid. Voluminous spit harmonises perfectly with medium length hair, while stylists recommend to Supplement her straight long bangs. Perhaps it will be a model with a side parting or side parting. An important condition is the actual braids, and a beautiful weave. On the medium length hair with bangs and stylists recommend to create fashionable hair bundle of braids. Visually this hairstyle is reminiscent of horns, but not so easy as it might seem at first glance.

Initially the hair should be collected in two tails. On both sides of the head, and then braid them into a braid of three strands and lock in hair scrunchies. Then braids it is important to wrap around its base and fix the style with hair pins and lacquer. This hairstyle looks quite Flirty, she’s stylish suitable for every day, so for a special occasion. If you are looking for a hairstyle for a romantic date, pay attention to French braid paired with a beam. This hairstyle create on the back of the head. In the formation of the tail, the hair collected at the top on the top . But before we do, it is important to collect the nape of a French braid, braiding starts from the bottom at the base of the neck and bring to the top of the head. And then fix the hair with a scrunchie. The tail fold a few times with a rubber band, then wrap the tip of hair around the base of the tail and fixed with a hair band.

This hairstyle looks quite Flirty in a pair of bangs is perfect for creating a romantic image of a wedding image. If we are talking about celebrations,wedding hairstyles for medium length hair paired with bangs, it is important to pay attention to French braids. At the top of popularity was braid bangs, French braiding around the head resembling a crown. What kind of braid you can weave ribbon or natural flowers You need to remember that this year at the peak of popularity was voluminous hairstyles. So, when you create a fashionable braid it is important not only backcomb the roots of the hair, but lightly pull strands of the braid to give the hair extra volume. In addition, remember that a strong tool for fixing greatly reduces the amount of hair use Spray-on water-based.


Braids for long hair with bangs

For long hair stylists made their decisions, no less bright and attractive. One of the trends of the new season is getting the French braid waterfall. Create a braid on the base of flowing hair or curls and the braid looks amazing paired with bangs. A kind of solution to form a romantic image, which is suitable for festive events and for everyday life. When creating a hairstyle, it is important to comb hair root to hair looked more voluminous. But the hair can be laid with wide diameter Curling irons because this year the actual voluminous curls.

A good solution for long hair will be and hairstyle in the Greek style. This romantic voluminous braid weaving which starts from the top and the pigtail can be formed at 3-4 and 8 strands. A distinctive feature of the Greek spit is not only the complexity of the weave, and additional design, including curls and hair accessories. As a rule Greek braids complement the silk thread and pearl thread or flowers.

This year the stylists focused asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles hair. If you have long side bangs, notice hairstyle asymmetric side braid. Side hairstyles was relevant last season. However, this year they are on top of popularity. You can create a voluminous side braid-effect fleece, the bangs should also be asymmetrical and the lateral and middle part. To complement such braids is relevant with a variety of accessories, including silk ribbons and pearl strings, and accessories in a minimalist style.
Choosing a trendy hairstyle for the new season, please note the combination options. Today, many women give preference to them, because such images look incredibly hard and beautiful.

Combination hair is a combination of two or three techniques of weaving, as well as different styles of hair styling. For example, note hairstyle French Twist paired with a scythe. If you are looking for a hairstyle for special occasions, then you fit styling with high curls, and braids. It involves the combination of large curls and small braids on the contrary, looks pretty stylish and bright.
Braids for hair with bangs can be very diverse and there are no Taboos priorities and classical solutions stylists recommend to choose exactly what suits you, but is also guided by the fashion trends of the season.


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