20 Mens Hairstyles 2018 for short hair

Despite the fact that haircut with shaved temples and is not a new trend, but stylists recommend to take a look at the new variations of this hairstyles. Haircut with shaved temples or undercut quite popular among men of different ages, because it allows you to Express individuality through creative drawings, which create in the field of hair shaven. The drawings can be very diverse from stripes to stars, spider webs, images of people’s faces.


20 Mens Hairstyles 2018 for short hair

This year stylists recommend to pay special attention to the hairstyle with a shaved head, especially if we are talking about long hair. Fashion this year, the samurai hairstyle that blends perfectly with the haircut with a shaved nape. Haircuts with shaved temples and back of the head will be a great solution for owners of thick hair.
Haircut sport quads
Many men prefer to create a sporty hair cut that make hair more vibrant and youth. Pay attention to cut a double caret, which implies a double line of cut. This hairstyle is often possible to see the players she looks pretty stylish and is complemented by a straight oblique bangs or side bangs. Dual quads, usually done on medium length hair. This haircut will suit owners of thin hair.

Haircut box

This year haircut box is one of the key places on the fashion runway. Haircut Boxing has always been considered one of the most popular of its kind, it prefer men of different ages and tastes. The Bob haircut is performed on short hair means shorter hair at the temples and longer on top. Haircut box universal though and belong to sport the hairstyles, but do not forget that it is suitable for various hair texture. Moreover stylists recommend to implement it on thin hair.
For medium length hair is recommended to choose a graded volumetric haircut with elements of chaos and neglect. The ideal solution would be a haircut grunge, which suggests the ragged strands of hair, as well as elements of symmetry. This solution allows not only to adjust the shape of the face, but also hair. Grunge is a perfect choice for everyday life.
Haircut undercut for men
This season the huge popularity of haircut undercut, which involves the shaved hair at the temples, and more elongated at the back and top. Undercut haircut refers to the old trends, however, today, stylists offer a huge variety of variations on the theme of undercut. It is equally well suited to owners of short hair and medium length hair as undercut implies a different technique of cutting. Trendy haircut undercut important to match paired with a variety of stripes shaved into the hair. Today it is fashionable to shave parted, forming a clear, neat haircut. If we are talking about medium length hair, stylists recommend to put this hair to the side with means for fixing with a light texture. Note also undercut haircut with bangs, the actual lateral oblique asymmetrical bangs.

Haircut hedgehog

today haircut hedgehog remains in the trend. This hairstyle is chosen by many men because it allows you to easily adjust all the hair, including age. Today a lot of attention the stylists pay to the technique of cutting under the car, so even the classic hedgehog important to combine with shaved stripes and patterns on the hair.
Haircut military style
Haircut military style is very popular among young men. This haircut has repeatedly won first place in the fashion ranking. However, in 2017, she beats all records of popularity. Military haircut involves short hair, which is cut out asymmetrical method. Hairstyle fashionable to combine with a side parting, and with a variety of patterns on the hair.

20 Mens Hairstyles 2018 for short hair 20 Mens Hairstyles 2018 for short hair 20 Mens Hairstyles 2018 for short hair 20 Mens Hairstyles 2018 for short hair 20 Mens Hairstyles 2018 for short hair

Haircut Garson

Haircut Garson brand new trend that has a place in everyday life. Like many other haircuts, haircut Garson involves technique classic hairstyles. This haircut is performed on the medium length hair with special emphasis on the area of Bang-namely, stylists recommend to create three-dimensional thick bangs, with a semi-circular cut. Due to the fact that modern haircuts are paired with graduations haircut Garson looks incredibly stylish and relevant.
Men’s haircuts 2017, incredibly vivid and memorable, stylists pay great attention to the unusual way that involves shaved whiskey, paint hair, and more.

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