55 New Year hairstyles 2021

On New Year’s Eve, every girl wants to look bright and attractive. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular New Year hairstyles that stylists have prepared for this year.

New Year’s hairstyles really look in a special way luxurious and bright. Almost every woman prefers to complement the New Year’s hairstyle with a fashion accessory. Therefore, today we will talk not only about the fashionable styling of our time, but also about hairstyles with accessories. Join and you will see the most popular styling of the new season. When choosing a fashionable styling to create a festive look, pay attention to the combined hairstyles, voluminous braids, high tails, and massive buns. According to many experts, it is these styling that will be very popular among girls throughout the whole of 2021. Let’s get started with a review of fashion hairstyles for the new season, as well as talk about fashion accessories.

Comb hair styling

Combined hairstyles today are very popular among fashionistas. If you look at the combination of a volumetric braid paired with a beam, you can see how this hairstyle looks elegant and bright. Hairstyle braid paired with a hairstyle, the beam is formed due to the additional volume. So, a pigtail is braided in the neck, and a bundle is formed at the top of the crown. In this case, the braid must be voluminous. Fix styling with hairspray, while complementing with an exquisite accessory in the form of luxurious pearls.
At the same time, in 2021, at the top of relevance, were hairstyles, which imply a combination of small curls, knots and bundles. The hairstyle with curls, especially in the assembled version, already looks incredibly attractive. And if you add small braids and plaits of hair, it will turn out to be a rather complicated and at the same time attractive hairstyle. This styling can be complemented by a wide variety of accessories. However, in 2021, stylists recommend using thin studs with stones and pearls to emphasize a sophisticated look. In addition, you can pay attention to the hairstyle with silk ribbons and thin rims.

In anticipation of the new season, the voluminous tail hairstyle is more popular than ever. Such a tail is made on the top of the head and complemented with sophisticated accessories in a minimalist style. It can be small thin metal hairpins, as well as exquisite jewelry in the form of stones. However, you must remember that the tail in 2021 must have a straight parting in the center of the head. Collect it topically on top of the crown. But it is better to leave the ends of the hair straight, do not twist.

Among the variety of fashionable hairstyles for the New Year’s Eve, the focus was on styling voluminous curls. This luxurious hairstyle really allows you to create a vivid image. To make styling even more vivid, stylists recommend choosing styling using the tail, as well as small plaits of hair. Such combined hairstyles are ideal for owners of long hair. Volumetric curls allow you to form an image and look especially advantageous on the basis of long and thick hair. As for accessories, here the best option would be jewelry in the form of thin silk rims and a hoop.

Another fashionable styling, which is suitable for forming a festive look is the Bundle hairstyle. Sophisticated, yet simple fashionable styling A bunch is formed at the bottom, in the nape of the neck, and has much in common with styling in the French twist style. This is a rather bright hairstyle, which in 2021 is recommended to be collected in a free style. This hairstyle forms a vivid image, and at the same time looks like a promenade and attractive.

For short hair

New Year’s hairstyles 2021 for short hair is a very special solution, which provides a wide variety of accessories. In particular, many experts recommend paying attention to retro images. Hairstyles in the style of the nineties and eighties, are again in fashion. This is a classic square with a side parting and a straight cut line. You can complement this hairstyle with luxurious rims, different stones and more. In addition, for Bob haircuts, stylists have provided an even more original solution. These are retro images in the style of the eighties, which provide additional fleece.
Greek hair styling is back in fashion. It would seem that simple, and at the same time, bright hairstyles allow you to create no less vivid images. Greek-style styling is a truly luxurious solution for the New Year’s Eve. You can supplement them with classic Greek rims, metal screws and much more.

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