a balanced diet for weight loss

You can lose weight using intermittent diet. And you can every day to eat right, changing fundamentally the approach to meals. This power system will not only facilitate the care of extra pounds and make your health function.

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Nutrition and weight loss

Do not think that switching to healthy food will certainly result in long hours of standing at the stove and convulsive search of recipes. In fact, to cook the fish steamed with salt takes 10-20 minutes from start to finish. And boil the rice for another 20 minutes and you can make it parallel, if the steamer allows.

Well, the rest is a matter of imagination. Casseroles, pies, soups, salads, risotto, stuffed peppers and more this looks delicious and really very tasty.

A balanced diet can be presented in the form of pictures collected of the four puzzles.

The puzzle first. Important elements

In the diet must contain fiber, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Their balance is the basis for a rational approach to eating. What should be the correct ratio? If we denote the daily rate for 100%, then half the amount carbohydrates, 20% fats and 30% proteins.

Another step to success is lowering the caloric content of food while increasing physical activity. The approximate boundaries of the daily requirement of calories depends on many factors – age, gender, weight, body type.

Based on these data, using a special formula (Harris-Benedict) and displays the daily rate. Each person is individual. Calculate your rate and stick to it.

The second puzzle. Products

All consumable products can be divided into three groups: basic, permissible and prohibited.

  • The last group is known – soda, chips, store-bought crackers with condiments, fast food, fast food. These will include fatty, fried foods, meats, alcohol, coffee, and butter cakes. Yes, all of what we like to start the day.
  • Acceptable products – bread, preferably yesterday. As well as sugar, salt, vegetable oil in very limited quantities.
  • The basic ingredients of the kitchen table – vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, poultry, meat. A rich selection of cereals will significantly diversify the diet. Drinks — pure water, fruit juice or mineral water. Welcome fruits, small portion of nuts, candied fruits.

Prolonged heat treatment of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals disappear. Therefore, preferably raw vegetables and fruits, or steamed.

The third puzzle. Mode of food intake

Balanced diet for weight loss involves a certain mode of the meal. It is not necessary to starve yourself in the morning and be satiated after sunset. It is much wiser to eat in chunks. As a rule, Breakfast, second Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.

The degree of saturation of calories and carbohydrates, of course, leads the first meal of the day. No wonder the saying goes that Breakfast should be eaten.

You must eat morning food complex carbohydrates. They last longer broken down by the body, provide energy and give a feeling of satiety. This products such as nuts, legumes, cereals, potatoes, meat. The more thoroughly chew food, the better it will sink in.

Drinking clean water is vital, even before eating you can drink a glass of water. Per day rate of consumption of liquid 1.5-2 liters.

The fourth puzzle. Compatible products

Flavorful mashed potatoes with steamed cutlet let forever be only on the picture. The combination of meat and starch would not benefit. But the meat and vegetables are not only delicious, but also correctly in the context of weight loss. Freshly baked meat with cream cheese crust – an absolute taboo, because it is a three incompatible product.

Juice, tea should be drunk before or with a meal, or after it, after waiting for thirty minutes.

Balanced diet for weight loss is the best option. The weight will decline and not return in the form of fat. And General health of the organism is evident. Well, the picture of the puzzle assembled, you can safely proceed to implementation of advice in life. Go for it!

And in order to better remember the products compatibility, here you some tips.

• Eat meat with cabbage is a very, very delicious!

• Fish in batter say “No!” — do not eat such a dinner!

• Eggs, cheese and milk from the meat keep away.

• After the soup do you want tea? Half an hour you expect.

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