a Beautiful manicure photos

Here’s a selection — a beautiful manicure photo, which presents only the best works of masters of nail art. Nails always attract the eye, so they must always be in perfect condition, especially for women who work with a large number of people and their hands are constantly on the mind. But how to make the right choice and be in trend?

Beautiful manicure on short nails photos

How long should be the perfect nails? In some countries it is forbidden to have long nails in certain areas, mainly in trade and catering.

But to create a unique beautiful manicure on short nails. It is still in Vogue and its popularity. All about Manicure on short nails, please click here.

Beautiful manicure on short nails

Beautiful black manicure photo

If you haven’t decided on black nail Polish, now’s the time! Black nail color is still relevant in the fall and winter 2014.

You can also use all options of dark blue, brown, Burgundy colors and the whole palette of gray.

The most popular and versatile French manicure remains an indispensable classic in the fashion world.

Beautiful French manicure with a picture

Another hit of the season — the effect of frosted glass. Many cosmetic companies are releasing matte polishes that look very original and beautiful. Among them are all shades of blue, Burgundy, aubergine colour etc.. And for romantic girls tender pink, beige etc..

Beautiful moon manicure photo

All about the moon manicure and photos here.

Manicure in gold and silver tones

Beautiful water nail art photo

How to make Water manicure here.

Beautiful manicure photo

Suggest also to read the nail Design.

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