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No makeup, expensive clothes, hair stylists and other tricks will not replace the charm of youth. A young girl beautiful in itself – its freshness, spontaneity, energy. But if earlier the main and only task of women was marriage, now the fairer sex a lot of other interests, and professional development among them. Any girl knows that in the relationship with the employer, the youth and inexperience is rather a disadvantage.

If you want to be perceived primarily as a business person, you should position yourself correctly. And everyone knows that clothes make the man. Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you about classic style for girls.

The main features of the classical style for girls

The main features of the classical style in clothes – elegance, refinement and sophistication of the image. Classic style is perfect for those who just started climbing the career ladder: it will show your good taste, balance, inner harmony and good business. So the office he has no prices. Besides, he has a fairly high degree of flexibility and will help you to be at altitude and informal corporate events.

The main features of this style is conciseness, completeness of image and complete lack of eroticism in the outfits. Classic suit, consisting of jacket and trousers or skirt is the most traditional clothing, made in the style.

Deep neckline, sheer blouses and open cuts don’t mix with this direction in clothing.

Serious demands for classic style and to length of skirt. If you want to be at work perceived primarily as a qualified professional, not as a sexual object, give up of miniature skirts, even if they are made of costume fabric and combine with a jacket.

The style of the Secretary-the fucker is only good for role-playing games, not for the office. Classic skirt length is mid – knee. On the palm above or below.

Classic cut trousers – straight or slightly tapered downward. Usually trousers have the arrow.

However, the classic style is far from unisex. All clothing must have a fitted silhouette and emphasize the outlines of the figure of girl.

As for colors, in the classical style to fit with the calm and noble tone: blue, beige, brown, Burgundy, black, grey. Drawings modest – cage, bar, inconspicuous ornament.

Well, will complete the classic image of well-matched shoes. Court shoes on a medium heel, without any decorative elements is ideal.

Especially conservative classical style in relation to jewelry. This applies both to their quantity and quality. Large and flashy jewelry does not fit into its format. One of the important criteria of the selection of jewelry is their naturalness. Gold chain with a small pendant, of a modest pearls in the ears are the decorations appropriate to the classical style.

Assume that, having read what you prepared, are you sad – Yun this style not always like it, because it seems too boring. However, this impression is deceptive. In fact, all in a classic style and helps to accentuate the natural beauty of a young girl – and natural-looking color, good cut of clothes, and minimalism in details, decorations and makeup.

The best style for the young professional to find.

Of course, if you work in an office. Representatives, for example, creative professions, will dress differently.

However, a young girl, even the most strict boss will forgive a little prank. For example, if you decorate classic suit cheerful brooch-flower, or the jacket will wear a pink blouse, you are unlikely someone will judge. Classic style for girls makes exceptions.

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Author: Anastasia Sirocco

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