a Classic style for women

The modern woman has to combine many roles. By day, you’re first and foremost professional. You will find hundreds of cases a business lunch with partners meeting. Evening – informal corporate event, or parent meeting at school child. Maybe meeting with friends in the restaurant. And we must always be on top.

Because we lack the ability to carry over half of the wardrobe, our clothes should have a certain degree of versatility and variability. And in this regard the classic style for women is the perfect choice. Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you what he implied.

The main features of the classical style for women

Classic – no matter whether it is music, architecture, literature, clothes out of fashion. It is a great trend. Therefore, dressing in a classic style with you in any situation you look important.

A business suit consisting of pants or skirt and jacket is the brightest representative of the classical style. Obviously, for the office is the most successful form of clothing. Forget about the mini. This length has no place on the job, and in the framework of the classical style she doesn’t fit.


The best (and, incidentally, the feminine) skirt length is mid – knee length. Option plus or minus the palm is also quite valid. Classic cut trousers – straight. This style is suitable for any woman regardless of age and appearance.

As for the jacket, then it must be fitted. Men’s fit of the jacket is not classic. The length of jacket you choose, depending on the individual characteristics of your addition. Hard to argue with the fact that slim, well-fitting jacket the quality of the cut will help advantageous to present any figure.

Strict business suit, you can refresh worn under jacket, bright shirt, a t-shirt.

Classic sheath dress is able to replace a combination of “skirt + blouse”. Wearing over jacket, you will create a business image and evening getting rid of him and adding to the outfit, matching accessories, make you look dressy without leaving the framework of classical style.

The colorsunder the direction of the clothes must be as natural and inconspicuous. Preferred expensive noble shades – a win-win black, gray and brown, deep blue, wine red, beige, etc. No neon colors and coarseness. The classic style prefers monochrome combination of colors. Print allowed, but only a very inconspicuous: small peas, herringbone, strip, cell, etc.

When choosing shoes, be especially careful. Shoes should be of good quality and very concise: no bows, flowers, rivets, buckles. Tall slim stud is too Mature for the classics. Solid pumps heel 3.5 cm – this practical, and stylish.

As you can see, the classic style inherent in a minimalist. This is especially evident when it comes to details. Frivolous brooches, big jewelry, fake labels – all this is far from the classics. Precious metals and natural stones is a win-win. But if you hung with chains of gold and bracelets, you will essentially knocked out of the format of the classical style. Everything is good in moderation.

This moderation should be traceable and in makeup too. I agree that would be weird, given the General thrust of the classical style in clothes, combine it with heavy makeup and aggressive manicure. Makeup give preference to natural tones – beige, peach, pale pink, etc.

Despite the overall brevity of the style, it is neither boring nor asexual. Yes, revealing outfits with the classics don’t mix. However, it is difficult to imagine a different style of dress, which emphasizes the charm of female beauty. Classic style for women is the first luxurious décor of their natural charm.

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