French manicure at home

The aspiration of each female to look attractive and well maintained – the normal phenomenon. However, many women in pursuit of beauty making a huge mistake. Spending on your clothes and hair a huge amount of time and money, they somehow forget that the true beauty lies in the details. Of course, hands can be called a trifle only conditionally, but nevertheless, this part of the female body often remains overlooked.

A real lady, even modern, is simply obliged to monitor the condition of their hands and nails. Win-win option is a French manicure, which spent quite a bit of time.


  • How to make fast French manicure at home
  • Classic French
  • Naroscheny nails and French manicure

French manicure, French manicure is the most popular type of manicure, and it is in this position for quite a long time. How could this democratized manicure to remain a favorite of most fashionistas and compete with such an abundance of various nail designs?

All the matter in its universality. It is equally appropriate in a strict office manner and lightly romantic. In addition, the modern world welcomes the experiments, so the French have long pushed the boundaries of its variability.

In the classic version of the French manicure is a nail plate natural beige or pink color, decorated with white stripes on the tip of the nail. Usually this strip is Crescent shaped. As for the length of the nail, for the French preferred average length of the nail, which visually elongates due to the special design, but remains comfortable for everyday work.

French manicure is quite simple to perform and, of course, many girls have long mastered the technique of its implementation. However, there are those who are still not confident in their nail talents and considers that to hold a smooth aesthetic line to the tip of a nail is an incredibly difficult job.

It is actually not so bad: thanks to special stickers for French manicure, each girl is under the power to create in the hands of an elegant manicure.

No need to think that using a stencil for the jacket, will not have to make own efforts. Any manicure requires carefulness and painstaking. Of course, the “fast jacket” using labels is much easier to work in contrast to manual design, which will surely save you some time.

The main features and distinctive qualities of fast French manicure at home

The only and most important problem when creating a French manicure – creating smooth and neat lines on the tip of the nail. Independently draw a line using paint is quite hard, then comes to the aid of a special marker or pencil. With this pencil you can easily draw a line of the required thickness. How to use this tool?

First you need to clean your hands with antiseptic and then moisten them with water. Hands should be towel dry, but the nail plate must remain wet. On the inner side of the nail strip is necessary – and that is the basis of French ready.

Despite the fact that this pencil provides work only with the internal side of the nail, it can easily be applied to external. Below the bar is not erased ahead of time, it is necessary to cover with a transparent finish.

The use of this pencil greatly reduces the creation time of the manicure, but it will last you just a short time.

The classic French manicure at home

Classic French is to do it yourself is much more complicated. But before proceeding directly to him, you need to determine the shape of the nail or, in other words, choose the form of a basic manicure. Decided to allocate an edging and not edging manicure.

I do not advise to do manicure at home for the first time by yourself, preferably several times to visit a specialized master and understand how to act. Also you’ll need the tools necessary to maintain a beautiful manicure. These include various nail files, nail clippers, blades and tweezers to remove the cuticle.

With regard to varnishes for the French, you only need white nail Polish, nail natural flesh color and coverage for foundations and fastening.

So when everything is ready, you can start working.

1. The first step is to remove the old coating, even if it only consists of a transparent varnish.

2. The next step is giving your nails the desired shape. It should be noted that the most successful for the French a form recognized by the oval shape of the nail. But you have to be very careful not to overdo it, not to sharpen a nail or not to make the length too short.

3. After receiving the necessary form, you can put your hands in warm water with sea salt and leave them for about 15 minutes. Then proceed to the removal of the cuticle: gently push the cuticle orange stick, and then cut it off with pliers or nail scissors. Once you’re done, be sure to apply on the treated area a special cream or oil.

4. In order for a fatty substances absorbed into the structure of the nail, will have to wait a while, then RUB hands degreasing fluid because the fatty surface of the nail varnish definitely does not lie.

Then you need to give the nails a final appealing look: take a polishing brush and walk on the surface of the nail, and the speakers on the sides of fingertips. Perfect manicure must be perfect in every way!

5. Next it’s time to apply a transparent base for nail Polish. It can be applied in a single layer, and be sure to handle the edge of the nail so that the manicure last longer washable.

6. And finally it’s time to start the fun. I must say that despite the fact that in the classical French used natural colors, modern master fun to create a manicure of different colors.

So, if you think classic is too boring, then you can use any other combination of colors, as long as they harmonize with each other and with your outfit too.

But remember that the manicure, made specifically for a certain garment will soon become not relevant and will have to replace it. Think before you choose bright colors: maybe a classic jacket not too boring.

French manicure can be done on nails of any length, but, of course, it is better to choose the average.

7. After the manicure is finished, don’t forget to apply fixative coating, and then your nail Polish will please you for much longer!

Naroscheny nails and French manicure

Nails are not so popular as before, but still occurs, and girls tend to make the nails not too long. Like French manicure looks flawless.

It should say that on the nails, which are coated with gel or acrylic composition, the paint lays down much better than on the natural nail surface. That is why any manicure on artificial nails much easier to do than on your own, besides these nail Polish stays on for 2 or even 3 times longer!

Even if you have to deal with the problem of “to go” nail Polish, it is very easy to handle: just hold a new smile line on the nail tip and then cover with top coat.

Another advantage of artificial nails is that they developed a special adhesive with the help of which you can always glue a broken nail and hold out until the moment when it will be possible to redo the manicure.

In fact, it does not matter what kind of manicure, shape, length, or color of the nails you chose. The most important rule: this daily hand care. And more importantly: hand care needs to become a habit.

You need to constantly think about how to look at your hands, so at one point not to see that you are the owner of dry rough hands that are not able to decorate no manicure.

Remember the little nuances every day:

  1. wear rubber gloves before washing dishes or household cleaning;
  2. apply daily on hands moisturizer (pay special attention to the cream in the cold season);
  3. once a week should arrange for hands relaxation: prepare a mask made from natural products and vegetable oils and let your hands soak up all the beneficial nutrients.

Love your handle, take care of them, take care of them. Only the gentle, manicured hands French manicure at home will look beautiful!