French manicure on short nails 2018

Not many people know that the beauty of your manicure does not depend on the length of your nails. Beautiful French manicure on short nails always looks stylish and elegant. Every day the hands of young girls do not remain without attention, probably for that reason, each girl tries to follow the status of their pens and take care of the nails. May and triggered a natural need to attract attention.

Still, it is impossible to imagine a beautiful female hands without stylish and a good manicure. Welcome and handshake at the meeting will draw attention to your manicure. And if he is not in proper condition leaves much to be desired, there is not very pleasant and a very ambiguous situation.


  • How to do French manicure on short nails
  • How to spice up and decorate French
  • How to make the manicure lasted as long as possible
  • French manicure gel polishes video

Recently, a very popular myth that beautiful nails you first need to grow long nails.

Of course, if they are long, the nail Polish of any color will look perfect, but don’t worry if you have short nails. A good manicure looks great on short nails.

French manicure looks good on short and long nails. But the original French manicure is thought for short nails.

Nails the length of which is only slightly beyond the tip of your finger, very comfortable, do not interfere, virtually unbreakable. But they also need care. The best choice is a French manicure for short nails.

If taking the classic French, nail file, shape and Polish. Varnish is the most important part of this manicure. The tips of the nails are covered with a special varnish of white color and dense texture.

The rest of the nail with the pink or beige varnish with semi-transparent texture. Thus, there is a smooth layer of varnish. Best French obtained when the length of the nail to 4 mm.

The technique of French manicure on short nails

The classic French manicure involves the use of two colors is white and pink. Nail Polish can sometimes substitute for acrylic gels, or special pencils.

The main aim of French is to paint a perfect stripe in the shape of a semicircle on the tip of the nail plate. Experienced manicurist do it quickly and easily.

If you decided to do French yourself, the first time perfectly smooth white stripes may never happen. But do not despair, because everything will come with experience. The main thing to understand the technique of applying nail Polish.

For those who do not have experience, or if the length of the nail is very small, professionals suggest to use special crayons or white pencils.

If the technique of application does not seem difficult, try with the first attempt to draw a perfectly smooth white stripes. Apply the varnish is very difficult, is that the use for these purposes special stencils.

In General, you need to understand that French require prior practice and training.

But the technique of French is always the same:

  1. As usual, do a manicure. In order to pamper yourself, you can do a SPA manicure. After the hands are treated, the nails need to cover the basic Foundation. Usually based clearcoat.
  2. After these operations, according to the sequence, apply the French white nail Polish on the tips.
  3. Next you need to apply the basic nail Polish with translucent texture. In the classic version of the basic French Polish is pink or beige.
  4. Then apply the top coat or top coating.

What touches spice up a French manicure

The usual classic French may outwardly seem quite boring. Of course, that he remains always in fashion and in any situation, but sometimes the classics and want something to spice up and diversify.

For such cases, designers came up with a whole collection of “additives” for classic French. One of the latest popular trends is the so-called lunar manicure.

The smile line is not drawn at the tips of the nails, and the opposite on the inside. The result is an inverted French.

This French manicure on short nails looks very fresh, and delicious.

You can also instead of white lacquer use any bright varnish with a dense texture. The basic rule is that all creative should be in moderation. It may happen that a manicure will look defiant and cheap. But this does not give its owner any good.

If you have decided to somehow revive your French, you can use decorative elements in the form of stones or rhinestones.

The basic rule of French manicure on short nails do not paint with a matte texture and do not do the decor with large elements. This can be explained by the fact that the nail is short and very slightly protruding and Matt varnish can give the nail the effect that it will look completely flat, visually will become even shorter.

This manicure will not look interesting. The same rule can be attributed to large pebbles.

If it is decided that beautify your manicure you’ll be in sequins or rhinestones, then you need to very carefully choose their size so that the emphasis was still on the nail, not on decorations.

To French manicure on short nails lasted longer

You need to keep in mind that the manicure will last for a long time only in case, if the nails are well-groomed and healthy. You need to use special oils, creams and masks, nutrition for nails extra care.

  • To nail lasted long enough you need to hand when applying were hot. Nails when applying nail Polish must be completely dry.
  • You need to use paints of high quality. Cheap and poor quality coatings can ruin the quality and condition of nails.
  • No need to wash hands in cold water. Do not expose the hands of aggressive media.

A prerequisite, if you decided to do French manicure on short nails, — their length should be the same on both hands, the edge is perfectly smooth. Otherwise, the manicure will look messy.

Colours and additional decorations can be chosen in the course of the experiments, but all need to comply with the measure.

Once you learn you will always be stylish, a perfect manicure, despite the fact that the nails are not very long!

French manicure gel varnish for short nail videos