French manicure long nails 2018

At all times well-groomed women’s hands was the hallmark of a real lady. At the same time, it is always appreciated natural beauty. Now it is not difficult to emphasize, resorting to a simple method – applying nail Polish-style French. Even if you have neither the means nor the time to go in specialized shops, do not immediately upset. This manicure is quite feasible in the home, it is only necessary to take itself in hands, be patient and learn a little bit technique of application of varnish.

French nails will look great even on short neat nails, because the naturalness is in fashion as never before. So, if you’ve ever built up myself gel nails, now is the time to give it up. Remember that true beauty in simplicity.

It is worth mentioning that the French got their audience in a fairly short period of time. It’s all due to those advantages that are most obvious in this manicure.

French on nails it:

  • beautiful. The aesthetic appearance of the handles is always appropriate, and at a dinner party, and in everyday life.
  • stylish. As mentioned above, the fashion for the French is always relevant, but because nails with a neat manicure is especially valued among women of all ages.
  • elegant. Neat manicure does handle well groomed. Agree, this is the first and main symptom of the feeling of style of a woman.

French comes to the rescue when a bright nail design is out of place, for example, in the workplace. Catchy color of nail Polish and a strict business suit – two sides of the same coin that cannot exist simultaneously. It is always appropriate: at a business meeting, at a party, and walking with friends.

What this French nails? It is a fairly simple manicure: a neat form of the nail (square, oval, or rounded), beige nail Polish as base, white painted tip and a top coat – clear nail Polish. Yes, of course simple, but always stylish and fashionable.

Despite the relative simplicity in application, it is recommended first time to seek help from a specialist. A professional is able to give the nails a real charm that is no doubt a major for French manicure.

Even if you decided to do French yourself, you still try to consult with the master to clarify some points.

If you are one of those who is generous with his own beauty, giving her a sufficient amount of time and material resources, of course, it is better to go to a beauty salon. However, the basics of French is also important to know, because you never know when you will find sudden date or an official reception, where you need to look entirely flawless.

How to make French nails at home

For those who do not have the necessary time and funds to visit the salon every time, there is a wonderful alternative – learning the art of the French manicure by yourself. In fact, there is nothing complicated. Only enough to buy the necessary tools and learn how to use a French coating.

What do you need?

Of course, that beautiful manicure is simply impossible on well-groomed hands. That is why in advance is prepare the necessary tools in order to remove the cuticle and make the correct form of the nails. Of course, for the French cover also requires its own tools.

So, we need to:

  1. Nail files (it is better to choose those that fit your more the structure of the nail, this is very important);
  2. Sticks of wood of orange (perfect for care handles);
  3. Special product for cuticles;
  4. Hand cream (it is important that the hands were always soft and velvety, even more so, after applying nail Polish);
  5. Lucky for the French;
  6. Stencils (a real godsend for those who prefer not to bother with the breeding of straight lines on the nails).

You can always buy ready-made sets for French manicure. Fortunately in the modern world it is not uncommon for many brands of care products for hands, offer a special line for a manicure.

We now come to learn the technique of the French manicure. First you need to make the most ordinary classic. You can, of course, refer to simple and familiar “wet”. There is another, the so-called European manicure, also called edging.

If we consider this process step by step, we can distinguish the following steps:

  • Treating the surface with a nail file to make the nails necessary forms;
  • Apply a means to soften cuticles. For those who prefer a more conventional option – “wet manicure”, put fingers in warm water with baking soda or a small amount of liquid soap)
  • The cuticle be treated with special wand or remove it using scissors and special cutters.
  • Degrease the nails so the base coat was applied evenly over the entire surface of the nail. To apply, actually, basis.
  • Once the nail is dry, cover it with a special stencil, which divides the nail along the lines of “smile.” It is important to place it as evenly as possible, otherwise I have to do everything over again and lose the already precious time.
  • Cover the nail tip with white lacquer. If not using stencils, try to the maximum level line. This depends on the condition of future manicure.
  • Removing the template apply to the rest of the nail beige or clear nail Polish.
  • Dry and this layer, cover with top coat.

In many of the kits for the French manicure is a special pencil with which you can easily paint over the tips of the nail. It is most often used in situations where the time for a manicure is very limited.

It is quite clear that this manicure will be less strong, but the Express version such a small thing simply irreplaceable. Moreover, this manicure looks more than natural.

After you are completely finished with all the procedures remains the case for small – to put on hand cream and admire my new manicure.

Naroscheny nails and French

If you are a business woman, and cherish every second of your time, then here come to the aid of graft nails. Manicure on these nails lasts a relatively long time up to 3 weeks.

In addition, the French manicure has become so popular that every time there are new and new varieties.

First of all this is manifested in the form of nails, and body color, and in the coating. So, it is a mistake to believe that French is a boring manicure. Not at all. This was proved in practice, modern master of his craft.

Very often, modern brides choose a wedding manicure in French and when building is decorated with the most refined details.

French nails: original solutions

We all remember that in the classic variant — this beautiful natural nails with a white “smile line”. However, a little experimenting, you can vary the jacket, making this line a wrong shape.

This may be a straight line diagonally, zigzag, and sharply restrict the edged side. Important in French, the neat principle of zoning, the shape of zones may vary depending on the imagination of the master.

The colors of the French manicure, oddly enough, can also vary according to desire and mood. Don’t always have to put on a smile line white, and the rest of the nail is transparent.

A little dream up, we can conclude that pale pink nail and gold tip looks amazing in combination with the outfit warm, pastel tones. Or a black nail with a neat silver end – a stunning addition to a stylish business suit.

French manicure can be more durable and not wear off if you go to the master in the salon. In this case, the French make a special gel varnish, which can not be erased just like that.

On the one hand it’s great because you don’t have each time to ensure not nadolola whether the varnish. On the other, to change the color, you’ll have to wait until the nail completely grows back.

In any case, what a manicure is to apply – up to you and your mood. However, it is worth remembering that marigolds love the meticulous care of themselves, and therefore do not need to forget about beauty salons, where skilled craftsman will be able to correct all the flaws of the nail or create a new one.

In that case, if you decide to completely take care of themselves – don’t neglect the possibility of restoring beauty to the fingers, listening again to the advice of more experienced in this matter.

In addition to manicures, we can not forget about the basic care for your hands. Try time to do a hydrating mask, do not forget to apply a moisturizer, because our hands are most exposed to the dryness of the area. If not winter frosts affect the condition of the hands, it is cleaning the house, washing the dishes, which is accompanied by the influence of various chemicals on the delicate skin.

Don’t forget your pens. Gentle, delicate female hands with perfect manicure is the business card of a lady.