Hot bath for the feet

Every day while walking on foot person to lay down a huge load. Especially when the feet are narrow or uncomfortable shoes often these shoes it women. Because women always want to look more elegant, fashionable and high heel shoes special attribute for different parties, meetings and visits. But unfortunately, these shoes often leaves sharp and unpleasant mark on the feet, calluses, edema, fatigue, and over time, these “features” go into a chronic problem and can occur arthritis, curvature of the fingers and nails, and varicose veins.


  • How to use hot foot bath
  • What are the benefits of whirlpool baths
  • Contraindications baths
  • Types and characteristics of producers
  • Expert opinion on the choice of Spa baths

It is necessary to carry out prevention of diseases in time and give the legs time to rest and relaxation. Salvation can become a hot foot bath, which will help to fight fatigue, make for a foot massage and prostimulirujte biological point stop.

Hot foot baths work well for all types fatigue of the legs of both female and male. Just a few minutes you will already feel the relaxation and pain relief.

You can often find on sale baths with Aero sprayer for oils, heat lamps and other features.

Hydro small air bubbles very useful feature of the baths, because it is not only a very pleasant procedure, but also the process which the air is pushed out by the water and creates an intense vibration massage.

These vibrations are efficiently stimulate the skin and increase blood flow.

Another type of massage in the bath – the powerful and thin jets of water under pressure are directed to different points of the feet. This special procedure is very well dilates the blood vessels and dramatically relieves General fatigue.

There is a bath with hydro massage for the legs using special magnets. These magnets promote active relaxation and are applied when solving problems with cramps and muscle aches.

The principle of operation is very simple: in a container for procedures inserted tape, it creates a field that has a positive effect on human feet.

The bath with the lamps with infrared rays tremendously good influence on the human body and the effects that bring the infrared rays for feet, words cannot describe.

These trays are very useful because they help improve blood circulation, and can in the shortest time to enhance the strength and elasticity of the muscle tissue.

General benefits of Spa treatments for feet

A well-known fact that the footsteps of man are many points, stimulation of which allows you to affect different organs of the human body, in addition to receiving a nice pleasure while foot massage.

Through massage, can be very efficiently to affect or eliminate the pain and disease of the stomach and kidneys, lungs, liver, etc..

For maximum benefit from the baths for the feet and enjoyment is possible and even necessary to use various additives. For example, aromatic oils, herbs and tinctures, sea salt, foams and lotions.

So, chamomile and lavender helps to relax and has a calming effect on sensitive skin. Rosemary will help to dry the skin and prevent excessive sweating.

Horse chestnut, birch leaves and buds, dry mustard very good at relieving swelling of the feet, ankles and legs in General, for baths these herbs can be used both separately and in equal proportions together.

If you’re simply tired, in the evening before bed, make yourself easy and relaxing foot massage, then add in a bath a little lemon balm or mint.

This therapy has a dual effect of usefulness, your feet will rest and fatigue as a hand lift and a pair of mint that you will inhale while taking a bath will provide overall relaxation to your body. Sleep after such a procedure will be relaxed and easy.

A hot bath today are equipped with various additional functions. For example, the most popular baths with special holes for oil.

About aromatherapy it is known for a very long time and many beauty salons or manufacturers of cosmetic tools for different Spa or relaxation procedures, actively use this knowledge for their own purposes.

Aromatherapy is primarily a treatment using scents, it is known that different aromas have different effects on the human body. For example, all the herbs possess a powerful energy, they are able to heal and be protected from external influences.

The molecules of essential oils almost all have healing properties that can improve psychological and physical state.

Essential oils and their application

There are different oils and they all have certain functions that can differently affect the body. Consider 5 of the most popular foot problems and their solution with the oil:

  1. The most expensive essential oil on the market — the oil from orange flowers. It is often used to reduce depression, insomnia and anxiety. Very relaxing and relieves General fatigue of the body.
  2. Tea tree oil is very healing, it has been known since 1772. Tea tree helps in the treatment of skin rashes and diseases, heals burns and wounds. On top of that it helps to alleviate different skin symptoms. Used for various purposes, it acts quickly.
  3. Tonic effect on the skin of the feet and body has peppermint oil.
  4. In the coarse skin and the appearance of cracks on the heels is useful to do foot bath with essential oils of rose and sandalwood, flax.
  5. Such oils as rosemary, bergamot, chamomile and plus, if you add oak bark, grass, horsetail and a few drops of lemon, struggling with excessive sweating of the feet and unpleasant smell.

Essential oils are very commendable transporterowych quickly to the cells of oxygen and vapours of its molecules. Oil are tonic, relaxing, antibacterial, antiviral traditional medicine.

Today’s trend and useful baths for hydro-massage with the use of contrast water flow. The massage is different, there are containers with holes, through these holes supplied water of different temperature and pressure, and you can just use a regular version with two tanks.

Take need 2 tubs: first pour hot water, the other cold, and then just alternately immerse in water legs. After wipe dry feet with a towel and wear cotton or Terry socks for warmth.

Contraindications Spa baths for the feet

Despite the fact that the use of hot baths very helpful for the feet, there are precautions that must be taken into account.

  • The jets cannot be used with open wounds on my fingers or feet with cracked, bruised and hypersensitive to the components that, when massage can be added to water and spray on the device.
  • Always be sure to consult your doctor, especially if you’re pregnant or have joint pain, vascular disease, varicose veins or thrombosis.

How to choose a tub for hydromassage of the feet

Today the market presents us with a huge number of Spa baths for the feet are totally different manufacturers and configuration. You can find absolutely any option to your taste and budget.

The most common ones:

1. Lanaform BUBBLE MASS

A very good option hot baths, which has a vibrating and bubble massage. Also in all models of this company have an infrared lamp, which provide deep heating of the muscles and skin of the feet.

2. Lanaform BF2011

It is equipped with TurboPascal and a container for oils. Treatments with this tray provides a quick relaxation and active point impact on the feet. Due to the use of oil, procedure will be a double pleasure.

3. Lanaform MD6014

This model is equipped with heating elements maintained at a temperature of 42 degrees C, which helps the blood flow and relieve swelling of the legs.

4. Babyliss Hydro Spa 8046E

Baths of the French manufacturer. In these models the different regimes of a flow rate of bubbles, so you can control the whole procedure, alternating the intensity of the jets.

5. Baths Bosch

At present, the most popular, have various nozzles for massage, as well as kits for a pedicure. All models of this brand come in different colors, which also attracts shoppers and buyers.

6. Japanese hot foot bath Nissei

Gained popularity due to its reliability. They are designed to stimulate blood circulation in the legs, relieve fatigue massage and different pain.

Japanese manufacturers have taken care of modes as well as different prototypes. You can choose the color trays, settings, functions, and even additional accessories, but such options Japanese technology will be much more expensive than any other models from different manufacturers.

The choice is always yours. Think well that you wanted in the first place, which model suits you the most, what features exactly would be not superfluous.

Once you can give yourself the answer to all the above questions, feel free to proceed to purchase. It is worth noting that prices on Spa foot bath today from 1 500 to 10 000. This is a more than reasonable price for almost every woman. Take care beauty and the health of their legs!

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