Shellac manicure, what is Shellac

Brush lady hands can win or cause a repulsive feeling. Not the last role in it plays the visual appeal of the nails. Women are happy to try for yourself different techniques of nail art, salon and home treatments. One of the latest favorite new products – shellac manicure — shellac natural nails.


  • What is the shellac?
  • How to apply Shellac?
  • The main advantages of shellac manicure
  • The gel varnishes for non-professional use
  • A cover is better?
  • Shellac manicure video — master class

The day of the woman’s hand turn over a whole heap of things, so any coating, even the most steadfast and reliable, is husked and cracked. Appeared new – Shellac manicure lasts on the nails for a long time, the coating integrity is not impaired, and the luster is not lost.

The shellac

That is enough to conquer the modern active lady, giving them the opportunity not to think about the manicure, performing any action.

What is the shellac?

It is a combined gel Polish, it is applied in the salon and has a solid and reliable structure. The coating protects the nails from exposure to harmful factors and makes the nail plate perfectly smooth.

The palette of Shellac is quite diverse. The Polish looks rich. Clearly placed on the surface of the nail plate.

How to apply Shellac?

The procedure is carried out mostly in the cabin. To do it at home, mastering the technique of application. This requires special tools, coating and ultraviolet light.

Lamp for shellac manicure

The stages of a shellac manicure:

  1. Cuticle treatment, as a rule, the master applies the European dry processing. Manicure with application of gel Polish is not encouraged, as it increases the risk of fungal infection.
  2. Modeling the shape of the nail plate, is dependent on the desires of the client.
  3. Careful grinding of the surface of the nail, representing the special equipment. Not nail Polish, and form the NAP, which subsequently ensures strong grip.
  4. Sanitary disinfection and degreasing. Dense coating prevents finding between nail varnish and anaerobic bacteria, which provoke the disease of the nail.
  5. Applying a base gel coating single layer.
  6. Fixation and processing under ultraviolet light. Each nail should be under the action of the rays for at least a quarter minutes.
  7. Color coating single layer.
  8. Re-fixation of ultraviolet rays.
  9. The application of the top layer, which includes anchoring, sealing all layers and edges of the lacquer coating.
  10. Finish with ultraviolet rays.
  11. The removal of smears of paint with the surface of the skin, if any.
  12. Treatment cuticle nourishing oil, for the dispensation of dryness and irritation.

The house should be careful to grease the hands of fatty milk or cream, because UV radiation dries the skin.

The procedure shellac manicure hard to carry home, so it is better to hire the services of the salon masters. Coatings are expensive, and provide a variety of manicures, buying different products is expensive. In this case a salon is the best alternative.

Shellac manicure with rhinestones

What are the main advantages of the use of shellac?

  1. Regular application of gel Polish protects nails and makes even soft by nature nails stronger. This gives you the chance to become the owner of long nails.
  2. With sealing varnish, it does not crumble. Typists, musicians, operators of the PCs can be confident in the beauty of their nails and the integrity of their tips.
  3. The coating is resistant to chemical attack. But do not abuse it, to skin chemistry is still dangerous, so homework needs to be done in gloves. Cracked red brush will not make any manicure.
  4. The paint shines, creating the effect of gloss, and reflects the light well up to three weeks.
  5. Juicy a variety of shades make it possible to coat that fits any image.
  6. Shellac manicure saves time and money. Nail salon you can visit a lot less frequently even to those whose work involves constant micro-trauma of the nail.
  7. Modern gel varnishes are free from formaldehyde, so this type of manicure can afford adolescents, lactating and pregnant women.
  8. To remove the coating in the salon or at home using a special tool which is sold along with instructions.

The gel varnishes for non-professional use

Latest products, which combine all the advantages of the coating with shellac, gaining more fans. Beat these novelties possess all the properties of gel-lacquers – lack of persistent odor, reliability, brightness, hypoallergenic, and at the same time easy to use.

To apply this varnish in a can at home using simple brush, to remove any acetone without the detergent.

shellac manicure

The producers promise that to keep such a nail will be as long as a salon shellac manicure. However, buying an expensive tool many girls are disappointed in him. It is not the low-quality product, and in violation of the rules of its application, therefore:

  1. Before covering the nail must be thoroughly degreased.
  2. The surface is treated with BAF, which will make the nail smooth and even. Forming fibers for non-coating is not necessary.
  3. To apply varnish two layers, making a long enough period in order to dense the structure dried thoroughly.
  4. The layer of varnish should be fine for this, when buying you should pay attention to the brush. Ideally it should be wide and thin.
  5. Nail Polish needs a top coat, it is best to choose colorless gel Polish or top coating of the same series that color.

A cover is better?

Of course, the durability and duration of socks homemade coating loses cabin. However, compared with conventional, gel Polish for professional use holds a lot longer affects the clarity, density, and richness of color.

To do salon shellac manicure or buy a gel Polish for home use – you need to decide depending on the situation. Long-term business trips, vacations, permanent time pressure and workload demands their full attention, in this case it is better to do cabin finish which will last up to three weeks.

A rich social life, travel and trips to visit require a diversity of images, therefore, should prefer self-application of gel Polish.

Importantly, the creation of a shellac manicure gave the woman the opportunity to save time, look flawless and be as active as possible!