a Summer clothing style: the comfort and vibrance of colors

Summer breaks into our life with bright colors blossoming greenery, fragrant aroma of flowers and warm sunlight caressing arms of the sea breeze, good spirit and upbeat mood. Summer style is spare, airy, elegant, full of rich colors of the surrounding world, clothing. It’s incredible, a sparkling cocktail of emotions, ease and identity. It is summer time promotes more disclosure of our identity, inner independence and desire to taste all the pleasures of life, and self-expression.

About summer clothes style tells a site for women Stylish.

Features of summer clothes style

On a hot, Sunny day, light jacket or dress, made from cotton, sheer chiffon or natural linen will be pleasantly cold skin, and waft romantic dreams. Nice, delicate clothes made of knit for comfort, do not hold down your movements, does not require special care.

Various tops, fashionable “shoes”, tunics, colorful t-shirts, skirts and dresses, jackets and attractive t-shirts of the finest knit delivers the ultimate in comfort in warm time of the year. On a cool evening you can throw on the shoulders of an elegant, cropped, knitted cardigan, and your image will sparkle with melodic hints of femininity.

Summer style clothing includes extremely cute and elegant silk and chiffon blouses, decorated with waves of lace, lush ruffles and delicate embroidery. Original pants or shorts lightweight denim is the most popular choice of summer clothing style for the most Stylish Stuff. This ensemble is perfect classic shirt with small cuffs and sleeveless.

The website for the most fashionable and attractive girls and young women “Stylish” is very recommended for the summer holidays a couple of long cotton skirts with the smell and the loose pants, lying on the hips that look amazing with tight-fitting knit shirts and blouses air with small Darts.

The colors of clothing in summer style. In the hot season are welcome rich, bright tones of scarlet, pressovogo, coral, lemon yellow, light green, olive, lilac and light pink. Colorful clothes with floral patterns and unusual panels of solid lace – emphasize individuality, playfulness and fervently your summer image.

Pastel, neutral palette of natural shades will protect from the scorching rays and add a drop of elegance and charm to your outfit. Clothes snow – white hues are always fashionable, as the white color blends in well with other colors and gorgeous shades of bronze-Golden tan on the skin.

Important nuances and details of summer style


Details and vivid accents play an important role, attracting attention for its originality and piquancy. For example, a contrast lace-up located in the chest area for blouses, dresses, as well as decorating outright cuts shorts and trousers adds the main flavor to summer style clothing.

Wide and small flounces and all sorts of ruffles, elegant draping and appliques with floral pattern – creating original shapes and unusual styles.

A variety of belts, fishnet buckles and brooches encrusted with tiny rhinestones, Flirty satin bows, fringe and bright, fun appliques make a bit of mischief and optimism.

The most fashionable trend of summer style

Collection of popular designer Alberta Ferretti — attracts people with abundance of light and delicate fabrics, weightless feathers adorning summer dresses and a Maxi skirt.

Fashion by Dolce Gabbana attracts the attention of charming styles, made in the style of Safari. Leopard shades of mini skirts, beige, olive, peach and sand colors summer dresses, is decorated with a subtle spiderweb complex patterns.

It is worth noting the original collection of Thomas Mayer is a stylish, stretchy shirts, double-breasted jackets and white shirts – kimono.

But all the same thing in the summer clothes style proportional compliance to minimum, originality and uniqueness.


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