Accessories for little black dress

Since then, in 1926, Coco Chanel gave women all over the world the little black dress, it has not lost its relevance and is never out of fashion. Chanel foresight was able to anticipate its versatility, the little black dress can be put on any woman – regardless of age, weight and social status, and with different design it to look new. Thanks to carefully chosen accessories, this dress can become a major participant in many combinations.

And today’s article site Stylish going to devote to that, how to choose accessories to little black dress, in order that the entire ensemble looked fresh, stylish and interesting.

Accessories to the little black dress: a hit parade of ideas

Accessories is what makes our image complete. It’s just the finishing touches, the details, but with their help and achieved overall harmony of your appearance. Being in itself is quite concise, and the colors and the silhouette of the little black dress requires careful attention to the design.

This dress is the canvas and you are the artist and you can paint on it whatever your heart desires.

Little black dress: every day is new

Dress + jewelry

The more luxurious will be chosen by thee jewels, the more solemnly will look your way.

Of course, the classics – the long strand of pearls. Pearls choose medium size: small will be lost in the background of the dress, and too large to look vulgar.

However, pearls can be replaced by other stones such as agate, turquoise, rock crystal. The main thing – the beads do not have to look cheap.

In the ears, you can insert delicate earrings of the same stone.

Brilliant necklace and long earrings combined with a high hair style option for social events.

If you’re a principled opponent of neck jewelry, can attach on the chest of the exquisite brooch that she too will do the trick.

Of course, jewelry demand matching outfit: stilettos, definitely tights, elegant styling or hair and expressive makeup. This design dress is suitable for cocktail party, exhibition opening, wedding ceremony or other celebration.

Dress + bag

Little black dress – clothing on all occasions. And the cases are different.

For example, all of the same ceremony. You will fit a slim clutch or a small purse wallet.

However, if you’re going to a business meeting, you probably have a lot of important documents. Business lady without comfortable leather portfolio – anywhere. And it fit into the concept of the dress, if you in addition to dresses and even a jacket.

Modern women in General have to carry very much essential things – the laptop and makeup, and an extra pair of stockings, and a sponge for shoes. What did the female handbag no! So it should be roomy. Voluminous and casual bag classic shapes and monotone colors it is combined with little black dress, for example, a cardigan or jacket on top of it.

Dress + scarf

Get a bright scarf and tie it wrap Kelly: wrap around forehead, the ends around the neck and tie them in the back. In combination with little black dress and large sunglasses make you look gorgeous. And not have to fantasize at the expense of the hairstyle.

Can tie a scarf around the neck as a pioneer tie – this option casual and at the same time elegant.

Or a light silk scarf wrapped around the neck, and the long end of the leave behind is a retro-style.

And if you stab a bright scarf with a brooch, it will look more elegant.

Dress + belt

Belts are necessary not only to ensure that the pants do not fall. They also perform purely an aesthetic function. And you can easily verify if drag a little black dress thin strap in contrasting color. You will accentuate the graceful lines of its silhouette. Let the belt matched with shoes or a bag.

But if instead of a belt to tie around waist or under bust bright elegant ribbon? Your image will immediately become romantic and feminine. Buckle in the shape of a flower is also a very good fit into this concept of the outfit.

Even wide belts with massive brutal buckle, paradoxically, it can “make friends” with little black dress. If you in addition wear a short leather jacket and high boots, you can safely go to the disco.

Dress + tights

Little black dress is not very well with bare feet is a fact.

Classic version – thin stockings or tights light black or Nude, the color of the skin color.

However, walking with friends or shopping is quite suitable dense black opaque tights. This insulated version. Well with wearing a dress with a turtleneck and a cardigan or jacket on top.

For those who are not afraid of experiments, we can recommend the tights of bright, saturated colors – pink, turquoise, yellow. Of course, this is the option for shapely legs. This ensemble will look harmonious if the colour of the tights can be combined with any other accessory: for example, with a hat or with a large brooch.

As you can see, the accessories to the little black dress to choose is not only easy but also interesting. And in your power to make each new ensemble with his participation is unique!

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