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Hands can tell a lot about a woman. It immediately clear how it relates to itself and how does. This is important because the attitude of others depends on the assessment itself. By and large, so that the hands were manicured, quite and home care. But in order to give the gloss to make your nails not just accurate, but beautiful and expensive looking, it is better to seek professional help.


  • What type of manicure to choose
  • How to choose the right nail Polish
  • Manicure with gel Polish

Turning to salon, you can be confused: what kind of manicure to do! Then the hands will look their best? Of course, each type has its advantages and disadvantages, its admirers and opponents. In order to make a choice and to get a really nice manicure, it is better to familiarize yourself with each and choose what is most appropriate.

The types of salon manicure

Classic manicure (wet cut)

Offered by all salons, the most common. Hands before processing steamed in the warm water. Because of this it is often called “wet”. It is easy to handle and look very neat.

First, remove old nail Polish, dry nail shaping. After the hands are immersed in water, the cuticles and hangnails (that’s why manicure and called cut). In the end, hand massage with nourishing cream and a lacquer.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the procedure, it is dangerous injuries and infection. Therefore, the choice of the master cabin better be taken seriously.

European manicure (not cut)

Is so called because it was invented and became widespread in Europe. Called “do not cut” due to the fact that the cuticle and hangnails are cut, and treated with a special cream containing lactic acid.

After a few minutes the cream is removed, exfoliate the cuticle is removed and ceases to grow.

This manicure is much safer, no risk of catching a fungal infection. Its negative effect will be visible only after five to six treatments.

Hardware manicure

It is kind of not square-European, is performed by a special apparatus. Done on dry nails. Takes very little time. Tips special device spinning very fast, removing the cuticles, roughness and the excess part of the nail plate, grind the nail surface. Master only controls the apparatus, controls the process.

Hardware manicure should be done only in the cabin. In the home can be traumatizing. In any case it is impossible to combine hardware and a classic manicure – the consequences can be very unpleasant. Because both species have aggressive effect on your fingers and nails.

Hot manicure

This type is ideal for those who have brittle nails, dry skin and damaged cuticles. Hands are immersed in a bath in a special apparatus filled with a cream or lotion. The tool is heated to a temperature of 50-55 degrees.

At this temperature, blood circulation is improved, and active ingredients means faster penetrate into the cells of the skin and nail plate and the effect increases significantly.

After the procedure, your lotion (cream or another agent) is rubbed into the nail with a pumice stone removes skin flakes. Nail Polish and a lacquer.

De-lux manicure

This is a variation of the classic manicure intensive therapy for your nails.

Before you do manicure, the expert performs the procedure is to improve the condition of the nail plate:

  • massage with essential oil or paraffin.
  • therapeutic wraps and masks.
  • “sealing” the nail – a profound impact on the nail with a mixture, composed of vitamins and minerals.

Therapeutic procedures should be performed one to two times per month. And to maintain the beauty of your nails to do the usual manicure.

What varnish to choose for manicure?

Once done is selected the manicure, the question is what nail Polish to choose? To create a harmonious way, you should pay attention not only to the demands of fashion, but also on many other nuances.

Only one clothes and accessories little: you also need to choose the right shoes, hairstyle, and makeup, and even nail Polish.

With the correct choice of varnish, it will emphasize beauty of your hands, make the look sleeker and give it completeness.

Today’s fashion industry can offer such a variety of colors and shades of varnish, which is sometimes difficult to determine which is better to fix his attention and to combine.

It should be borne in mind that nail Polish should harmonize with the clothes and accessories, to be appropriate in a given situation and to complete your style and image, not to break out of it. For example, bright shades are not suitable for sportswear, but perfectly combined with a festive or evening attire.

Neutral colors and shades (clear, cream, the color of coffee with milk) can be adapted to any image and in tune with the ceremonial, and casual clothing.

Stopping their preference on one of them, you can feel free after work to go to the gym, and in the evening on holiday and not worry about the wisdom of their choice.

For business meetings and everyday office work perfect varnish, similar in color to your clothes. You will look well-groomed, and at the same time show your good taste and ability to dress according to the situation — in a calm, peaceful color will not “cling” eyes and distract others. To achieve this effect, choose matte varnish without glitter and refrain from overly bright, flashy colors.

As for the colored polishes, it is very popular red color, although many people forget that it is combined not with all styles and images. It is best suited for formal and festive outfits combined with dresses and suits.

Safe bet is a combination of red lacquer with clothes achromatic neutral colors, especially black and gray. This design will draw attention to the hands, will be a picturesque addition to “highlight” your image, but would not detract from the main color scheme.

Lucky black and dark tones – dark-blue, dark purple, Burgundy, coffee – create a bright accent to blend in with many colors of clothing, both the dark and light. However, you should avoid connection with its pastel colours, and not combine in a single image black and dark brown.

With regard to bright, juicy colors (bright green, crimson, yellow, turquoise), when using such a lacquer is to repeat the color in cosmetics or in one of the accessories.

For example, you can choose a lipstick or eyeshadow, shoes or jewelry to match the manicure. Thus, your outfit will be stylish, sophisticated and will not create in others the impression that you decided to wear “the best”.

There are lacquers that form a kind of pair, identical color and differing only by the addition of glitter. However, their use differs radically.

Matt varnishes are almost universal, so they can be carried “and in the feast and in the world, and good people,” but the varnish with glitter is better not to abuse and play a corporate party, a birthday or the New year.

Lucky with silver or pearl shimmer can be combined with a festive and casual summer outfits. This color will give your outfit not only festive, but elegant simplicity and noble restraint.

Expert advice — how to choose nail Polish

Manicure with gel varnish

Today gel nail Polish — one of the most popular services in the field of manicure. Almost in any salon have this service. To begin, consider the technology of the manicure with the gel Polish.

The benefits of gel Polish:

  • convenient and easy application to the nail plate;
  • fast curing after application;
  • the brightness and color saturation, and gloss varnish remains the same as when applied to the time of withdrawal;
  • no harm to your nails and does not cause allergies.

If you follow all the rules for the application of this Polish, it lasts up to 21 days after painting. And unlike conventional nail Polish, gel defies a physical effect not covered with cracks and not in need of correction.

After the procedure need a couple of days to avoid prolonged contact with hot water, since the polymerization process is not yet complete.

How to make a manicure with gel Polish step by step

1. The first is to treat the nail plate. Choose the nail shape that you like and which is suitable for the type of your fingers and nails. Then align the outer edge of the nail and clean it from dust.

Before coating the gel Polish, you are not allowed to do a regular manicure. But without the use of butter and cream. Be sure to remove the cuticle, otherwise, if it gets the gel Polish, it will peel off.

2. Then you need to remove from nail plate gloss, making the surface matte. But don’t overdo it! Next, the nails need to remove the dust, moisture and fatty residues, using the dehumidifier. Thanks to this, gel Polish well to “stick” to the nail.

4. Before applying the gel it is recommended to apply a primer.

5. Then proceed to the next procedure — coating base gel. Important in the process of applying gel Polish is that all layers should be applied with a maximum of subtlety. Base dried in the UV lamp.

6. The following step — application of gel Polish, which gives the color saturation. If you apply only one layer, then you will get a translucent color, for a more saturated color is needed, apply two or three layers. Each layer must be dried in the UV lamp.

You should try that the layers were as thin as possible. Otherwise, instead of a great manicure you will receive the bubbling nails.

7. The final stage is coating the top. He needs to protect the previous layers and to bring more glitter. It should be applied thicker than other layers.

Don’t forget that you should choose good materials and equipment, to carefully study the instructions and to withstand the drying time of each layer.

For removing gel Polish takes only 10-30 minutes. It is removed due to soaking in a special liquid, similar to acrylic nails. The time of maceration depends on the time that the gel Polish was on the nails, as well as the presence or absence of the primer.

As a result of soaking the gel Polish the film up and behind the nail plate, and with the ease it can be removed with an orange stick.

View video how to do a manicure with the gel Polish.

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