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The sweat glands of man are considered natural regulators of the body. They help to maintain the desired temperature of the human body, through the allocation of excess moisture through the skin. In normal condition the pot stands out slightly with not too heavy loads. But many of us are faced with the disruption of the sweat glands, most often it happens in the summer. And especially these disorders manifest with excessive sweating of the feet. This problem is a real disease called hyperhidrosis.

The content of the article:

  • Causes of hyperhidrosis
  • Basic rules — how to get rid of athlete’s foot
  • Cosmetic products
  • A remedy for hyperhidrosis and their application
  • Folk remedies to combat foot sweating

This unpleasant syndrome weakens the tone of the legs accompanied by unpleasant and peculiar smell. In its structure, human sweat consists of nearly 100 percent of the water processed by the body and excreted nitrogen, and other trace elements, fatty acids.

Excessive sweating of the feet – the main cause of unpleasant odor. This is due to the splitting of all these organic emissions and their oxidation. In such “favorable conditions” and begin to develop a variety of pathogenic viruses and microbes.

Gipergidroza inclined equally to both men and the female half of humanity.

And the causes of sweating feet can be very different:

  1. Not quality foot health. You need to very carefully take care of their feet, in time to cut off the nails, wash after each trip outside in the morning and evening, and bedtime;
  2. Shoes of poor quality, synthetic raw materials, socks, closed shoes, bad breathable insole, the shoes of the wrong size;
  3. Abnormalities of the Central nervous system;
  4. Skin diseases, fungus on nails;
  5. Excessive physical strain, long walk, workout;
  6. Transferred stress, excitement in front of some responsible event.

Basic rules: how to get rid of athlete’s foot

You’ll have to get rid of excessive sweating only when you follow a few simple but very effective guidelines:

1. You need to carefully take care of their feet. Twice a day they need to wash. After each hygiene well don’t forget to dry your feet with a towel. Accustomed to use such cosmetic products as deodorant creams and sprays.

Remember the main condition for the use of any cosmetics, and this applies not only to your feet but also other places prone to sweating – axillary area, in particular, they should be applied only on dry clean skin.

2. If you have very sweaty feet. You must choose a high-quality, breathable shoes. This applies to any Shoe, both winter and summer. Summer, of course, especially. Choose swimwear that will allow you to “ventilate” the entire surface of the foot.

Your shoes also need good care. Regularly wash her using harmless to the skin detergent, dry in open air.

Do not allow to measure your shoes to other people. The consequence could be to transfer to each other fungus. And it is very difficult to get rid of. Choose shoes made of natural materials. The best option is leather shoes.

3. Don’t forget to periodically do a pedicure.

Cosmetic products from the athlete’s foot

In order for the effect of treatment was visible faster, do not forget about cosmetics. Be more productive – use them regularly, preferably every day. Today in stores and pharmacies a lot of similar funds.

But most importantly, when choosing these drugs, remember the following:

  • It is best to buy these special cosmetic products exclusively in pharmacies and not in the market or in the store;
  • For efficiency, there are two types of cosmetic products: day and night. It would be better if you will buy both types and will be used regularly and according to instructions, which is attached to any of the pharmacy facility;
  • Apply balms, creams and medicinal lotions at night, so they could well be absorbed and act;
  • In the morning, suitable sprays, dry powder or a liquid, fast-absorbing lotion.

If you have already begun to regularly use cosmetics, stick to one company and brand. Do not change often cosmetics, or you won’t know what you’re getting better, but from what contrary.

Scientists develop cosmetics with the use of essential oils and different broths and herbal extracts. Particularly popular today for a make use of lavender oil, tea tree oil, aloe.

Among the high-quality Russian cosmetics pertaining to specialized foot care are the creams from companies: “Neva cosmetics”, the balm “Cross” and many others. In the famous collection “Granmama” you can buy a special scrub with a deodorizing effect, perfect for hyperhidrosis of the feet.

Funds intended for shoes

Simultaneously with the foot care, cosmetic, and medical treatment, you have to hard to care for your shoes. Stop your attention on funds that are available in the form of a powder or deodorizing sprays. These funds is handled by the internal insole of the Shoe.

Handle better than new, recently purchased shoes. So you will see a much greater effect. If the opportunity to buy a new pair of shoes, not, wash thoroughly with disinfectant old, let it dry, and then can be processed with antifungal means. Good opinion about potent means “Five days”.

A good option for heavily sweating of the feet is to use insoles with deodorizing effect. They are able to absorb excess moisture such unpleasant and annoying smells.

Insole with deodorizing effect “Stamen” are not too expensive and are made of cardboard materials. Their surface is treated with special substances of natural origin that are without any chemicals prevent growth of microbes and bacteria. Top cardboard cover is covered with cotton cloth. But their disadvantage is that they regularly need to wash and dry at room temperature.

A good tool is a German tool – inserts and “Scholl” (Sholl).

There is another method of treatment of hyperhidrosis under the name “Drionik”. Method is with the use of electrophoresis, that is actually the application of electric current to the skin. Now, that’s not too much stress. Small electric discharges suppressed too open the sweat glands of man and after a course of such therapy, sweating becomes less strong.

After the procedure is completed and the instrument for some time off. For about 30 minutes. The most important advantage of this method is the speed of the effect. It is noticeable almost immediately.

And after 14 days of application of this therapy sweating may be stopped for up to 6 weeks. Then of course, it will resume. As needed, the whole procedure is repeated. And the second and subsequent sessions, the effect of the electric current should be reduced.

A remedy for sweating of feet and their application

If hyperhidrosis or sweating of the feet, cosmetic products no longer cope, then it’s time to apply treatment. Helps the drug “balusters: stone”. It is suitable for long complex use. However, there are side effects – skin redness, peeling. But this happens very rarely, and if it has happened, it is a sign that this drug does not suit you, better to change it for another.

Another the drug is “Borozin”. It is a great tool, not only from hyperhidrosis, and foot fungus. But the fungus cure is a drug is only at an early stage. How to calculate it? If you have a gratuitously unpleasant odor from the feet, and changes the structure of nails. Legs are itching in the fingers and feet, it’s likely you have, just the fungus.

Don’t waste a minute, immediately take action, because the stronger launched this disease. The harder it is to treat. “Borozin” has a very necessary deodorizing effect, which helps to get rid of the odor.

Very effective medication is “Drysol”. The therapeutic effect lies in the fact that the drug is clog the sweat pores, and so it cannot be applied too often. Also the high possibility of allergies.

People’s methods of struggle against sweating feet

To suppress excessive perspiration can also use different traditional methods: for example, foot baths using different herbal mixtures.

1. Bath with oak bark will help in solving this problem. It is very simple: 2 scoops (tablespoons) of oak bark, 1 teaspoon of willow bark mixed in the tank and filled one and a half liters of boiling water. Put on fire and boiled for about 15 minutes. The resulting mixture is filtered, then allowed to cool and lower legs. In such water you need to keep the legs at least 20 minutes.

2. Baths with horsetail also preparing quite easy: 4 tablespoons of crushed leaves pour boiling water (1 l) and boil on low heat for 5-7 minutes. Then everything is standard: screening and cooling. Use in the bath (20-30 minutes). Don’t forget to dilute the broth with one liter of simple boiled water.

3. Very popular today for healing baths use of leaves and berries of wild rose. Dog rose – all-purpose shrub that helps to deal with many ailments. In order to reduce the symptoms of hyperhidrosis, you will need just polstakanchika 250 milliliters hips and normal boiling water. Pour into the pan of berries a liter of boiling water and simmer up to 10 minutes on low heat.

After you remove the capacity from the heat, give it some time to steep. Then pour 2 liters of boiling water and dilute the resulting broth. Pour it all into the pelvis, better than aluminum (it holds heat longer). Steam feet to 25 minutes.

There are many methods of folk and medical, to combat such a nuisance, how much sweaty feet. The main thing is to pick out the right and apply them comprehensively and regularly, and then the effect will not keep itself waiting. Then just maintain hygiene of the feet, watch your shoes, and then the problem you’ll never catch up.


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