Express manicure at home

Finished cleaning the apartment, behind the garden work and finished transplanting flowers; in short, done all that dirty work, which is not the best way affects the skin condition of your hands and nails, especially if you are not used to use for these purposes, gloves and protective cream. And now, tomorrow at work, and the time and effort to hike to a beauty salon after all these household chores is not there. How to be?

Express manicure at home

Half an hour for beauty! To put in order, make tidy, Express manicure home is not difficult. You without special work will cope with it yourself and make a unique nail design.

Most importantly. Never allow yourself to get out of the house with well-groomed hands. If you select the half-hour Sunday night, then the next week you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your hands.

Manicured, smooth hands without cracks and redness, neat and tastefully decorated nails will give you a feeling of extra confidence and joy from what you do, not resorting to services of beauty salon, can make yourself beautiful.

Manicure accessories

If you don’t have professional tools and set of nail files with different degrees of granularity as the master of manicure, it doesn’t matter. It is possible to do all three things, which are certainly there in the handbag of any woman.

It is nail scissors, tweezers and nail file. As a rule, offer the travelling manicure sets contain exactly these three items. Such a minimal set of tools plus alcohol for disinfection, liquid varnish remover, kitchen utensils, hot water, cotton balls or discs and nail Polish are all you need for a regular home manicure.

The word “common” is meant “classic manicure”; more typical for Russian women the option that they used before the advent in our country, European, softer way of nail care.

Express manicure: procedure

  • Put everything you need on the table, remove the old nail Polish. (Better if liquid nail Polish remover does not contain acetone, as it is very bad effect on the nail plate is dry and thins it).
  • Rubbing alcohol your tools for the manicure.
  • Take a nail file and before the nails dry, apply the desired length and shape. To prevent delamination of the nail, podpilivaya it only in one direction – from the edges to the center.
  • In a Cup pour hot water. We can also add a teaspoon of salt and lemon juice and 2-3 drops of iodine. This composition strengthens nails and enhances their growth. If your hands are too dry or rough skin, to water you can add 2 tbsp. tablespoons of any vegetable oil or half a Cup of hot milk or 2 tablespoons of honey – what you like.

If you regularly watch the hands, at home-Express manicure can do a simple soap solution. And Supplement to water depend on the condition of your skin and the result you want.

Start with the left hand. Dip it in water, soak for 5-10 minutes to soften skin.

Now you need to gently push back the skin at the base of the nail plate (cuticle), and then very carefully cut it with nail clippers or scissors – whatever works for you.

Tools must be sharpened and, again, disinfected with alcohol. Try not to tear the skin fragments. Well, if you manage to cut it in a continuous movement. So you avoid the appearance of wounds and burrs.

Repeat the same steps on the right hand. Once the nails are in order, you can begin staining varnish. By the way, manicured nails and beautiful in its natural form. Nowadays, the natural is back in fashion.

So in conclusion, it is sufficient to apply a clear coat for Shine. However, if you still prefer a colored nail Polish, apply it carefully without going beyond the nail plate.

Dry, as it should, the first coat of varnish, then cover the nail with a second, more dense layer again dry, and your manicure is ready.

By the way, if while working with nails you apply the cream on wet skin, after the procedure you will see a remarkable result: beautiful, smooth hands and perfect manicure.

At home you can learn more sparing method — do not cut or European manicure, but it will require more time and special cosmetics.