Application of gel nail Polish step by step

Technology in the cosmetic industry are developing every day. Never cease to amaze with the innovation of women who can not imagine myself without a manicure. What to say about the manicure?! Even the usual coating of ordinary lacquer has faded into the background. After all, in the spotlight gel Polish, which has already won the hearts of many of the fair sex. This is not surprising because gel Polish is a good alternative to artificial nails. The secret of varnish lies in its properties.


  • Description and properties of gel nail Polish
  • The application of gel Polish step by step
  • Video tutorial — how to apply gel Polish

The advantages of gel Polish

Gel Polish, oddly enough, is a hybrid of varnish and gel. Moreover, its functions are connected with the best properties of varnish and gel, stick on nails maybe about 20 days. This is a great indicator and panacea for those girls who are tired to change Polish every 2-3 days.

If “lucky” buy cheap paint, it generally will last until the first immersion of nails in water. But the gel Polish will ensure quality durability up to 3 weeks. The property is associated with the gel.

Gel Polish can be applied just like regular nail Polish (except some moments). If you’re a fan of unusual solutions, masters in salons can offer you to mix several colors gel Polish, creating an unusual shade. It is practiced today.

The popularity of this product, in addition to the above properties, associated with harmless gel Polish. But only if you give the nail plate periodically to rest.

For example, if the gel Polish has taken six months, then you should refrain from this procedure for a month. After the expiration you can recover the nail.

Gel Polish can be applied on artificial or on natural nails. The only difference in application, but the effect is the same. Also, it is ideal if you choose a manicure on short nails.

Salon manicure with application of gel Polish is not cheap. But this does not prevent the girls to pester salons. It is better to pay for quality than to enjoy everyday embellishing the nails.

Applying gel nail Polish is so popular that many girls have already abandoned other means of cover.

Set for shellac can be purchased in specialized cosmetic stores. So girls, without thinking twice, have decided to apply the gel Polish, saving both time and money.

Of course, you first have to spend money to buy all the components, but subsequent treatments will pay off, because in the cabin the price is much higher. It is enough just to learn the gradual application of gel Polish.

The technology of gel Lac step by step

To start with the components that you will need:

  • gel polishes (base, color Polish, top);
  • degreaser (you can use acetone, but it can be very desiccate the nail plate);
  • alcohol;
  • UV lamp (36 W);
  • brushes (optional if you want to create a fancy manicure).

The first step. To prepare the nail plate

The best way to prepare your nails – a manicure.

If this is not possible, it is necessary to push the cuticle orange stick. Cut the cuticle or not – you decide. Next, you should adjust the length and shape of the nail.

It is important to check each nail for any cracks. If the edge of the nail will crack, the gel Polish may chip.

If nail peels off, you should rasp the nail plate is not rigid nail file.

Second step. Matting

Buff you need to remove the upper keratin layer of the nail plate, eliminating the gloss.

So the varnish lasts longer. After that in any case it is not necessary to wash the dishes, make a sandwich and to get one’s husband to work. Everything must be sterile.

The third step. Degreasing

For this nails, simply RUB the sanitizer or nail Polish remover containing acetone. Need to wipe carefully to the end and the sides of the nail.

A fourth step. Basis

The basis necessary for better adhesion of nail Polish and nail plate. It also contains vitamins and substances prior to penetration of color pigments of the varnish.

Apply one thin base layer, leaving your cuticles 2 mm. If you apply Foundation oily layer, then the gel Polish will break away faster. Apply base on the face and the edge of the nail is impossible. Polymerization in the UV lamp with power of 36 W is a 2 min..

A fifth step. The application of color nail Polish

Before applying colored lacquer must be mix well, but not shaking! Under agitation, the gel Polish is enriched puzyrechki, so it just perekidyvaem in his hands, its warmth literally warming the bottle.

The first color layer of varnish should be applied in a thin layer. This is very important. And to retreat from the cuticle need 1 mm. the Time of polymerization of the first layer — 2 minutes (it is better to overdry than to dry).

If your gel Polish spreads, each painted nail to put in the lamp for 5-10 seconds.

If you already like the result, then zakrashivaet the second layer is not necessary. If you need a saturated color, then the same principle should apply a second coat of nail Polish. What gel Polish better — read here.

The sixth step. Top coating

Topcoat should be fatter than lacquer.

And must print the free edge of the nail plate.

Then you need to have a good, dry nails.

Seventh step. Removing the sticky layer

After drying, it is necessary to remove the sticky layer with alcohol or a special tool.

The gel Polish decorates nails without harm. Special funds will provide power to the nail plate.

Most importantly, when applying the gel Polish to adhere to the rules then you can easily save yourself from exhausting repainting your nails after a day or two.

However, removing gel nail Polish you need to buy a special tool, otherwise you risk damaging the nail plate.

Video tutorial — how to apply gel Polish master class