Aquarium design nail art

Here’s a selection — aquarium nail art design photo. This is a special kind of design which is only done on artificial nails at the same time with the building. The nails are created compositions using various decorations for nail art, and on top of all of this is covered with acrylic or gel. The result is a volumetric effect, and the whole composition looks like in the aquarium. Owner of this unusual creative manicure emphasize your extraordinary personality. Cm. also nail designs photos.


  • Aquarium nail design — key benefits
  • Materials for aquarium design
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  • Aquarium design nail art photo
Aquarium design nail art photo

A professional manicure will help to realize any fantasy and desire of women with all sorts of materials for nail art, like feathers, colored sand, sea pebbles, shells, lace, etc..

If you properly care for your manicure, well done aquarium design will last for about three months.

When nails grow back, the initial design will be correct — to finish the background, to decorate with new items, etc.

Aquarium design

Aquarium nail design — key benefits:

Aquarium design, or it is called Aqua, is practical and durable look. What are its advantages over other types of decorating nails?

Aquarium design of nails with sculpting

1. Durability. This manicure can last approximately three months.

2. Versatility. If you have any situation that requires an abrupt change of image, where you want to hide colorful design, you can easily cover the surface of the nails a subtle shade of nail Polish. Then you can always revert to the original type of manicure, just removing the lacquer you applied.

3. High security pattern. As the aquarium design is covered with a transparent gel, the pattern is protected from damage.

4. Three-dimensional effect. Manicure with gel has the three-dimensional image.

5. Practicality in everyday life. Despite the fact that in the aquarium design can be used three-dimensional elements, thanks to the gel surface is smooth and does not interfere with day-to-day Affairs.

6. Interchangeability. Thanks to the excellent design you have no need for decorating their hands with rings and bracelets, because all the emphasis is on the beautiful nails.

Aquarium design nail art photo

What is used in aquarium design?

We have already listed some items that can be used in the aquarium design. Here is a more detailed list: rhinestones, beads, dry flowers, beads, marble chips, silver or gold threads, feathers, pebbles, mica, nails kuriame, mesh, foil, etc.

Also for aquarium design, you can use any image — a picture or photo that will be a long time to decorate a manicure.

Aquarium design nail art requires great skill, accuracy and time, but the results are worth it!

How to make aquarium design

View video how to make this wonderful design:

Aquarium design nail art photo


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