Baths for nail growth

In this article we will discuss the best and most effective baths for nail growth. One of the main signs of grooming women as her manicured hands. If your nails are not in order, for example, cracked nail Polish, formed burrs or they for some reason are of different lengths, or different in form, it always has a negative impact on your image as a whole. However, attractive and well-groomed hands always attractive.

Many girls do not even dream of their long nails, considering that it is a gift of nature. However, it does not.

To have long nails today every woman, even if by nature there is no such predisposition. This will help the trays to accelerate nail growth. Consider this option in more detail.

You should know that quickly grow healthy nails. If you have just removed artificial nails, or regularly exfoliate and break down some of the long nails can be forgotten. So first they need to recover and heal.

While building gel or acrylic, nail plate over time, is depleted and becomes very brittle. So to start it must be strengthened.

For this you can use special funds sold in any drugstore. Great help in this case, sea salt. Well, if the recovery period was in many ways and a trip to the sea. In this case, whether to take time off from nail Polish.

If to escape to the sea is not possible, you can buy sea salt at the store and do her bath at home. For this it should be added in warm water and hover at her fingertips for 20 min.

Baths for nail growth

If the nails are neglected, such a procedure should be carried out regularly until you see the result. But the long wait is not necessary.

If you do not spoil your nogotochki capacity, they are all still far from perfect, it means that your body lacks vitamins. Typically, breakage occurs due to lack of calcium.

Therefore, to solve this problem you can simply diversity of its food products, which is quite a lot of calcium. In sufficient quantity it is in fish and in dairy products. You can also optionally use the calcium in the vitamins.

And only after your nails will once again become healthy, you accelerate their growth with the help of special trays. Cooking recipes of their incredible variety.

The main thing to choose the best option that will suit you on the ingredients. Practically all baths for nail growth quite effective. So soon you will be happy with a good result.

Healing baths for nail growth

1.The bath based on sea salt.

A beneficial effect of salt on nails it is hard to overestimate. However, to enhance the effect in combination with salt can also use iodine.

The proportions of the following: a glass of water, 3st.l. of salt, 1ch.l. iodine. All components mix well and keep their fingers half an hour.

Iodine has a beneficial effect on nail growth and strengthening. It can be applied in pure form, spreading them nail plate overnight. However, you may be confused a yellowish tint after this procedure.

But if you’re not going to go out, this method is quite acceptable. In extreme cases, they can be varnished and to make the design of nails. But if you are constantly messing around in the water, from a yellow hue will soon be over.

2.Olive oil for accelerated growth

Any vegetable oil have a beneficial effect on the nail plate and the cuticles. Among them, the most effective and useful olive oil.

For cooking and medicinal baths should be heated in a bit of olive oil and soak fingers in it for about 10 minutes. Although for best results time should be increased to 30 minutes.

If you did not spare the oil, you can omit it completely hands to brush. It is very useful for any skin type.

You can also mix oil with vinegar in equal proportions. After this procedure, the hands should be wiped with a cloth and wash with soap and water.

3.Baths for nail growth on the basis of milk

If you want to keep your hands in oil or you simply do not have such possibility, then the milk bath you just get a lot of pleasure.

To prepare it you will need milk (half a Cup), honey (2st.l.), lemon juice. Milk should be warm but not hot.

All the ingredients should be mixed until a homogeneous structure. Then, the resulting mixture to submerge your fingers for 20 minutes.

Lemon juice is useful in its pure form. So you can grease them and the nail plate.

It’s just a wonderful remedy for yellowing of the nail plate as a result of using poor quality paints. Lemon fast to eliminate unattractive yellow tinge, and returns a natural Shine.

Baths for nail growth with lemon

4.Baths for nail growth with red pepper.

This is a custom bath for nail growth, to prepare which you need to mix a little cream, water and red pepper.

All the ingredients enough half a teaspoon of each. All the components are mixed and heated for a couple.

This structure of the fingers is recommended to keep no more than 15 min to do this procedure should be no more than once a week. But growth will be just on the face.

5.Baths on the yeast for growth of the nail.

Everyone knows about the excellent property of the yeast to increase in size where they are present. And the nail in this case is no exception.

However, the medium is specific and not everyone can approach. But still worth a try. So, you will need the berries, cream and yeast.

Half a Cup of berries should be ground in a meat grinder, to add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream and a spoonful of yeast. All this mixture, pour water and stir. Dipped in the mixture and hold it for at least 30 min.

To get fast result it is necessary to carry out such treatments on a daily basis. After they be sure to lubricate hand moisturizer and to treat a cuticle nail oil.

You should also not skimp on the varnish. As a quality paint will cause less harm to your nails.

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