Beautiful hands in two weeks

Beautiful hands for two weeks — it’s possible. Do not have to postpone the open dresses and t-shirts, if the shape of the hands is poor. A simple set of five exercises is able to quickly restore muscle elasticity and give relief. It can be done in any convenient place on the balcony, in the room or in the yard.

Success requires a genuine desire to have beautiful hands, the desire to improve muscle tone and small dumbbells. If such equipment is not available, use bottle with cereal or water.

Training takes 40 minutes, to hold it better through the day. Harder to do approaches, the faster the shoulders and arms will become harder. (See. Beautiful nails ).

Exercises for the beauty of hands

1. Pushups

No more effective exercises that is useful not only for relief hand, but for back, press, beautiful lines of the shoulders and posture.

Emphasis is placed on knees and hands, stooping, should be slightly delayed on bent hands, and lifting up with a jerk.

2. Extension of the head

You can sit or take a normal rack. You need to have behind your head, elbow pressed to your ear and perform flexion at the elbow joint.

So strengthening the back and shoulders.

3. Butterfly standing

Strengthen not only your triceps, but also make it more elastic and firmer Breasts.

The body should bend slightly forward. Hands without bending need to breed as widely as possible in hand, a little stopping in the middle of traffic.

4. “Butterfly” lying

Lying on the floor with knees bent need to move her arms slightly bent at the elbows. Hands are diverted to the side and slightly upwards.

Beautiful hands for two weeks

5. “The hammers”

Standing directly deploy the palms inward and raise your arms, simultaneously bending your elbows. Can’t rush it. Fully hands on yourself, you need to freeze, and then move on.

Beautiful hand exercises

The exercises are repeated 15 times. It is advisable to do them in three sets. Before you complex body warmed up jumps, squats.

At the end of the complex is done stretching. If after class you have pain in the muscles, you should take a warm bath with sea salt and soreness will disappear. The main thing is not to stop training.

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