Bedroom in the Provence style: relaxation area

There’s no better place than a house – it’s hard to argue with this statement. We rush home after a busy day to relax and to forget all sorrows. How comfortable would you be in your home, depends largely on your productivity and self healing. And to ensure that your dream was healthy and strong, your bedroom should be created all conditions.

Bedroom in the style of Provence – the standard of home comfort and peace. In it you will be able to dive into the arms of Morpheus, leaving behind the door all the hustle and bustle of the big city. A site Stylish going to tell you about the features of its design.

Color scheme bedroom in the style of Provence

In the interior of Provence style there is vibrant colour contrasts, glaring. Preference for a calm, gentle, pastel tones. Classic bedroom in the Provence style made in white, olive tones. Popular shades of Aqua, terracotta colour, ochre, light pink or orange tones.

In General, all the shades present in the room such extremely positive, pleasing to the eye and evoke the idea of a hot Mediterranean sun and flowering landscapes.

Finish bedrooms

The bedroom in the Provence style made use of exclusively natural materials. In the first place, of course, wood. It is made ceiling, walls, and floors. In our century of high technologies you can use the materials replacing wood. For example, cover the floor with laminate or tiles that mimic wood.

As for the walls, traditional finishes in the style of Provence – rough plaster issuing places a brick wall. Of course, in the conditions of a city apartment to create the confidence in such interior it is not always possible. Therefore, we offer you to use the Wallpaper with a raised pattern or decorative plaster for walls. By the way, very touching and comfortable will look decorative painting on the walls — for example, flower ornament.

The ceiling can be further decorated with log beams, darker than General color scheme of the room.

In General, the ceiling and the floor, the walls should be decorated in light colors and wear the imprint of the effects of time – so the decoration of the bedroom in the Provence style is so widely used artificial aging of materials.


Bedroom lighting – an important point. It is best suited for this interior large wrought iron chandelier. Special chic – if they will imitate antique chandelier with candles. Additionally, decorate your bedroom cute lamps with shades, pastel colors or with floral pattern, spread them on the dresser, on the nightstand next to the bed, on the shelves.

Lighting in the bedroom in the style of Provence should not be blinding, bright.


Is in the interior of a bedroom in the Provence style would fit a big massive bed with carved legs and back, similarly made dressing table with mirror, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers. It is desirable that the furniture was also made of wood and had the illusion of the marks of time. Furniture can be a metal: in this case, the preferred wrought-iron legs and backless. Grace and glamour is absolutely not needed. The main principle is functionality. Complement the chairs with wicker backs and curved legs.

The furniture should be made in accordance with the General concept of the bedroom, it should not be bright, eye-catching accents.

Even the door plays an important role. It also needs to be made in the format of the General style – i.e. from wood and giving it the effect of antiquity.


Not the last thing in the interior — parts and accessories. To your bedroom imbued with the spirit of the Mediterranean coast of France, you will need to make important touches to your decor. Put on the shelves of elegant jewelry boxes antique. Hang on wall paintings or embroidery with beautiful landscapes. Additional interior ceramic or porcelain figurines. Bed before bed striped rug. And the very bed decorate pillows with embroidery. And of course – fresh flowers in a pot-bellied vase, which not only decorate room, but also will remind you of summer.

On the window, hang long curtains, pleats running down to the floor and decorated with bows, or Vice versa, a light and sheer curtain. And imagine that it goes to the blooming garden, and not in a noisy smoke-filled street.

The fabrics used for the decoration of the room is also important. Covers should be made of linen, calico, cotton, muslin. For bedding welcome flower colors. For decoration of the bedroom in the Provence style is very suitable technology “patchwork” – a connection between different pieces of fabric.

Bedroom in Provence style will certainly become for you an oasis where you can rest from all the worries and gain strength.