Bioreinforcement nails

Modern manicure trends put forward has long been on a pedestal groomed, strong, healthy and neat nails that don’t cause trouble in everyday life. Although these advantages can boast, not all of the owner of a beautiful manicure. The fact is that the lack of vitamins, the effect of artificial nails and the influence of natural factors lead to the fact that the nail plate is cracked or there arise irregularities and errors.

To help bring in the proper condition will help bioreinforcement nails – a technique that is ready to take on correcting virtually any defects on your nails.

Bioreinforcement of the nails — what it is

Process bioreinforcement is designed to remove some errors of the nail plate: the roughness, brittleness and fragility. Very often these troubles are the result of a lack of vitamins in the body, or from chronic diseases.

But not the fact that such a cause of happens after the procedure nail. Indeed, when increasing the nails become thinner, and thus, become damaged. This procedure eliminates the provoked damage, with fully preserved the original length of the nail.

If the proper procedure, the nails gain strength and resistance to various chemical or mechanical action. As a rule, their type is natural and healthy. For more aesthetic effect, the nail plate can be covered with clear varnish.

What drugs are used in the procedure?

During the procedure bioarmirovaniâ will need two basic components: the fact-based nail and silk. The first drug is similar to natural material, which is identical with the natural nail plate. Its real name is polyurethane, and its main purpose was to firmly bond nail and silk material, levelling the rough surface, siteservice minor damage on the plane.

The silk material has a different name — fibrillar protein (or gut) and is a natural product. Its main task is to protect the nail plate from various injuries and aggressive environmental influences. Silk is based on glue and smooth the surface.

The second option is more practical for a manicure, because it accurately conveys the structure of the nail plate. In addition, this material protects the nail from the symptoms of allergies, which is very important for those who are not at risk of contact with synthetic substances in the form of acrylic or gel.

The stages of the procedure bioarmirovaniâ nails

Before any procedure, the nails will need to prepare to get a manicure. This means that paint residues must be carefully removed, and the apparent roughness of rubbed special polishing substance. If the nail surface has significant cracks, they should be given special attention and carefully wipe.

On the nail plate applied for degreasing the nail (dehydrator). Also, some areas are treated with a special nail primer.

After the preparatory process, the entire nail is covered with concealer. It must be well impregnated silk cut and provide maximum bond with the nail.

The next step can safely assume that the application of the silk material after thorough impregnation and drying of the nail plate in the lamp.

The fixing step is application of a concealer with another layer, and drying time under the lamp for 3 minutes.

After bioarmirovaniâ the nail shaping, hold the grinding surface, optionally applied a transparent varnish and coated with an additional layer of corrector (fixed asset).

Video tutorial — how to make bioreinforcement nails

Procedure bioreinforcement nail in its duration is not too tedious so it doesn’t take much time but the result you will immediately see on their nails. Treatment of your nails takes place in full safety and without discomfort.

As for the cost for the procedure, on the average, you can expect 500 $ for one nail plate. The full cost includes the entire step-by-step process bioarmirovaniâ described above. Color coating on the nail is to be paid separately.

Bioreinforcement nail – forming technology strength of the nail plate with the help of natural materials. As a result, you will get such nails, which dreamed of – strong, healthy and well maintained. And repair the nail plate will help to make your claws just perfect.

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