Black French nails

French is always popular! There are about ten varieties, and a variety of options. One of its varieties is the black jacket. It looks very unusual and dark tones manicures are very fashionable. It looks not so gloomy as entirely painted black nails. This manicure will be relevant in the event and the Casual look, here it all depends on the nuances of design, and will add originality to your image.

Very stylish, this nail design will look on the hand with leather mittens, silver bracelets, ring with large stone and so on.

Classic black French nails

Classic black jacket is usually as follows: the nail plate is applied a transparent varnish or nail Polish in a natural shade, it can also be light pink, that is soft pastel. And the tips of the nail covered with black lacquer, with a clear border.

The possible design options when the black color is applied only along the edge of the nail, but the nail plate itself — zigzag, wave or obliquely.

Very impressive and elegant look in manicure with black French these add-ons: rhinestones, shiny beads, glitter, a scattering of sparkling elements of various ornate and delicate patterns.

Of course, black color requires flawless execution of a clear nail Polish, but there is a saving trick for the case of trembling hands to put the kennel color separation — color block color: silver, gold or white, it will and additionally decorate manicure, and hide error.

How to make a black jacket at home

Jacket black can be done independently, it is quite simple. For this in the beauty shop need to buy special stickers on the nails for French manicure.

After applying to the nail a protective base coat to pin them on the same level, determining the future border of the color — line smile. Then on the tips of to apply black lacquer.

After drying the decals removed and the nails to apply the selected light transparent lacquer color, then you can come up with any design for decoration.

Some ideas for French black

For example, if your nails are square-shaped, it can be used in drawing geometric shapes, using a variety of lines.

Also addition can be bright colors, such as red, which goes well with black.

Looks especially beautiful shiny black Polish on the tips with a matte black covering the basics of the nail. When executed, this glossy layer is applied on the matte surface before it dries.

Also a very attractive option with the black color is taken as the basis, and gold edging, clear, smooth stripe and gold sparkling glitter.

Best black jacket will look great on long nails, or medium length, because black color can visually reduce and conceal the actual size and short nails will look even smaller.

To create a complete and harmonious way, the makeup on under the black jacket should be appropriate. Most suitable transparent, pastel colors eye shadow and lip gloss. Of jewelry, it will be combined pearl necklace or a thin chain with a small pendant.

Video tutorial — how to make a black French manicure — master class

Black jacket photo gallery

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