Bob hairstyle 2018

You can with full confidence say that the Bob haircut is breaking all records of popularity this year. Already a decade she is very popular among women, and barbers hone the skill and create their own unique variations on the theme. Today we will talk about what haircuts will be popular in 2018, and will discuss the most striking solution, join us! Let’s discuss the most popular options for Bob haircuts that will be popular in 2018!

The Bob haircut 2018, photo

All eyes are on the asymmetry
Asymmetrical haircuts have long been popular with many stylists. If you look objectively, we can say that they really can adjust the image as a whole and give it something new. For example, dynamism, youth and beauty!

Asymmetrical Bob claims to be the absolute trend that will be popular in 2018. Fashionable to create a Bob with elongation on one side, and create a haircut with a side parting into account. The main condition is the asymmetrical haircut hair should be voluminous.

With bangs or without?

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Many girls, choosing an asymmetric haircut, ask the question: do I need bangs? And if you need, what?

Asymmetrical Bob can be paired with side bangs and paired with asymmetric straight bangs. A distinctive feature of this model is getting a side parting. That is, if you choose a hairstyle Bob with asymmetry, note the long bangs parted in the center. According to stylists, the image will look just amazing. However, not everything is so simple! Note that this haircut just is not designed for fine and thin hair!
The Bob haircut 2018 with shaved temples or back of the head

The Bob haircut with shaved temples – the original version of the hairstyle. This haircut is recommended to those looking for something new and unusual in the styling. And despite all this you will be surprised to learn how popular she is!

Indeed, the Bob haircut with shaved temples are very popular in our time. Stylists recommend to create hair patterns and figures. Some shaved half head, to make the image more creative. Another option haircuts – is the shaved head! On the basis of the shaved head also, you can create a variety of patterns: image of birds, animals, symbols, etc.

This haircut is suitable not for all, because it looks pretty radical. However, it would prefer to create a girl to try new things, because fashion is so fleeting.

Haircut long Bob 2018

Classic Bob this season has given a new interpretation of a long Bob. This hairstyle looks unusual and at the same time quite creative. Note the elongated Bob haircut with bangs – she is at the peak of popularity. If you want to create a long Bob haircut, remember that it is perfectly suited to owners of fine hair and round face shape. This year it is fashionable to create a Bob to mid-shoulders. Stylish to mix a Bob haircut with long straight bangs, center parting. Note also the hairstyle Bob with elongation, it is also in trend.


Bob in the leg

If you remember we have already discussed the trendy hair style Bob on the leg. She is very popular among women over 30. Why?
First, this is a great model hairstyle which can emphasize the dignity of the image. To put it simply, without effort. It allows you to create a nice contour and fits very much. In particular, note the asymmetrical Bob haircut on the leg, and a haircut with a shaved head. Which bangs match?
Bob in the leg will look great paired with straight bangs. While stylists recommend to create a small (short) bangs.

Voluminous Bob and Bob with curls

For owners of curly hair is also good news. In particular, stylists recommend to create original Bob hairstyles with side styling. The distinctive feature of this hairstyle is extra volume. You create a hairstyle that is doomed to success. With the additional volume, it looks simply amazing!
Pay attention to trendy hair color, because every hairstyle looks different. A key aspect here is that is the health of the hair. Have you noticed that two of the same haircut can look different? More beautiful the hair, the hair which will be filled with splendor and beauty.
Note the staining technique hombre. They are in trend!

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