boho Style for a complete fashionable women

The ability of a single ensemble masterfully combine the attributes of different styles and combine seemingly incompatible, this is not all. The apotheosis of this skill in the modern fashion is boho style. “Boho” means “Bohemian” — no wonder it’s a trend so loved by Hollywood celebrities. However, what are we worse?!

Website Stylish Piece is sure boho for everyone, not just for Actresses and models. Even if the parameters are far from the 90-60-90. So today we want to talk in more detail about what can and should be a boho style.


Key features of the style boho

Let’s first look into what characteristics of this fashionable direction. Boho is a conglomeration of styles, military, hippie, ethnic motifs, folk themes, vintage, notes, and all this with elements of Gypsy music. I agree that the mixture turns fusion.

However, working on the ensemble design, it is important to maintain a balance and not to turn accidentally in a crazy city.

Style boho impressed by environmental motives, so he’s in favor of natural fabrics, floral designs, knitted items, accessories and clothing style hand made.


Layered sundresses, casually wound to the neck, voluminous scarves, loose sweaters, comfortable shoes, flat shoes, big bags, crochet – here is a typical things in the style boho. It would seem that this concept is incompatible with completeness.

Our website is sure to be quite compatible. But with certain reservations.

The features of boho style to a full

One of the main canons of style is boho femininity. Well, the concept of femininity is being successfully implemented in the clothes. For example, wearing a skirt to the floor, you will benefit – this model visually extends the height and thus makes the total figure slimmer. The same goes for long comfortable sundresses.

In such clothes you will be easy and convenient. The flowy pleats will hide some deviations from the ideal, such as wide hips or bulging tummy.

Another typical representative of boho style is tunic. Oh and this thing definitely can be considered a must-have in the wardrobe of seductive beauties. Decorated with bright geometric or floral prints long tunic will focus on the main advantage of the fuller figure – curvy chest. And its cascading hem disguise “breeches” at the hips and not too slender waist.


Combined with jeans or leggings and sandals on a flat sole this outfit in boho style will only look good on the owner of the custom build.

Another thing that our website encourages you to borrow from boho-style long knitted cardigan. This garment has a high degree of variability and successfully camouflages figure flaws, and therefore will certainly demand you in your casual wardrobe.


White shirt, decorated with embroidery, looks very feminine and gentle. Don’t dwell on the fact that the white color make me look fat. During the summer heat there is nothing better than a blouse. It goes well with plain blue jeans.

And vertical decorative elements on it offset the effect, which creates the white color.

Design special attention is paid to accessories. Typical decorative elements inherent in this area – large glasses, heavy bracelets, unusual flashy necklaces, long dangly Gypsy earrings, big rings, wide belts, bright necklaces, beads and pendants.

In General, anything that goes well with a full figure.

Too exquisite, fine jewelry and jewelry tend to emphasize completeness. But large elements, on the contrary, in harmony with her. Any jewelry that form a vertical line, also contribute to a more organic perception of curvy figure: long earrings to visually pull the face, hanging beads make the curve of the neck slimmer.


As you can see, boho style for full has full right to exist. The main thing – to choose from it all that optimally brings out your dignity, and to avoid replicating the fashion from the catwalks and glossy magazines.

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