Brittle nails — why break nails

Like everything else in our body, nails are made mostly of water, so they cause great harm to the frost and scorching sun, frequent dyeing, effects on harmful chemicals used in everyday life. The lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, as well as various chronic diseases. For all it’s worth to pay attention if you care about the beauty of your nails.

Their fragility often cause illnesses of varying severity — from thyroid disease to lack of vitamins in the body. The special complexes will make up for this deficit.

However, it should be noted that excess calcium with vitamin deficiency leads to dryness and brittleness of the nail plate, so before applying it is best to consult with a specialist. (See. also the fungus on the toe nails).

Getting rid of brittle nails through proper nutrition

The health of the body depends first and foremost from the power supply, so it plays a huge role in the condition of your nails. In order to they were strong and well grown, must be added to the diet of fresh vegetables and herbs that contains a lot of vitamins, dairy products, they’re high in calcium, nuts contain healthy fats.

  1. Vitamin “A” fill, adding in the diet tomatoes, carrots, fresh herbs, they will help their fast growth and strengthening.
  2. Vitamin b can be obtained from many foods like liver, nuts, cabbage.
  3. A lack of iodine, through which improves their growth, can compensate for the consumption of seafood, spinach.
  4. Iron is necessary for the harmonious development of the nail plate can be derived from buckwheat, apples, liver, walnuts, dried apricots and beets.
  5. Calcium you can get from dairy products.

Changing your diet, you will not only benefit your nails, but also throughout the body as a whole.

Why break nails and what to do

Some women are constantly painted nails, and even at home, removing one layer of varnish, then applied a new. But they definitely need to rest, do skin care mask, baths and RUB various oils and vitamins, but sometimes it is for some reason impossible.

In such a situation you need to use to cover good quality nail Polish that does not contain harmful ingredients, detrimental effect on the structure, nourishes and protects from external influences.

How to neutralize a bad effect on the nail plate, provided by overdrying and coloring?

Brittle, damaged nails it is recommended to lubricate various oils such as almond and peach, even the rubbing of conventional plant will bring good success. Oil with vitamin “A” has a regenerating effect, restores the nail and promotes better growth.

Useful for brittle nails special baths:

  • With lemon juice will strengthen and bleach the fingers;
  • Decoction strengthens and nourishes;
  • With honey and burdock oil has a great effect on growth and health.

You can also use a different mask with brittle nails:

  • The mask of honey with lemon help to get rid of their fragility, they become stronger;
  • Mask with olive oil and iodine nourishes and nourishes the nail plate.

In professional stores sell special preparations for the treatment of brittle nails, which are very effective and easy to use. There are many recipes in their care, from which you can choose any to your taste.

If you want your nails become stronger, protect them from exposure to harmful chemicals, exposure to cold, dryness.

Warm gloves in cold weather will protect from hypothermia. Cotton for working in the garden will help to save your nails from drying out.

And most importantly, try to deal with household cleaning products for Laundry, cleaning, wash in rubber gloves. Perhaps at first it will seem awkward, but the result you will notice right away. Compliance with these simple guidelines will help keep the nails strong, healthy and beautiful.

How to strengthen brittle nails — expert advice