Broken a nail? Nail repair tea bag

Graces of the fair sex manicure is another way to highlight your style and womanliness. But, sure enough, each girl is faced with a situation where, it would seem, form the perfect manicure ruining one nail broke at the wrong time. For many girls it means that everyone else will have to cut and trim. But what if this way out is not to like? Is it possible to fix a broken nail and make it look better than ever?

If suddenly broke a nail, is not necessary to cut all the rest! I will show how to repair a broken nail.


Broke a nail? Repair nail at home

Each of us, if you suddenly chipped a nail, wondering what to do? If the problem is not so serious, it can be neutralized with a simple nail file. But if the sight of a more serious problem – it is necessary to apply other measures.


In order to re-give the manicure a neat appearance, you will need a special nail glue and a tea bag. Certainly, many people know about this method, but repetition is the mother of learning.


You must pour from a bag welding and cut from it a strip, which by its square will cover the damaged area.


Then it is necessary to apply the adhesive and stick the strip. Waiting for drying of the first layer, you need to repeat the process and again wait until the glue dries.


Next, you need a nail file. With its help, you need to remove excess bags of tea and to process the upper layer. But do not get abused, but you can easily overdo it and put all the work down the drain.

After this take the transparent nail Polish: you can use any lacquer, which is designed to serve as a basis under manicure and cover the nail in one or two layers.


Hard to believe, but this method is really make a girl forget about unpleasant damage. Of course, a broken nail does not heal the injury, but it will grow back, and then the problem area can be cut.

In addition, instead of the tea package, you can use flax.

After repairing a broken nail is no different from other

It remains only to apply the nail Polish.

Repair a broken fingernail in the cabin

Unfortunately, experts haven’t found a universal way to fix a broken nail. No wonder that every second of them advised the girl to visit the master, where he, as a professional, will help to correct a bad situation.

One way to do this correction is the repair of the nail with a special silk cover and bio-gel. This method will allow the girl to forget about the problem.

For eyelash extensions nail the above method also may be suitable, the main thing to remember is that the glue to be used on natural and artificial nail needs to be different.

If a second can make a strong glue, first it can cause irreparable harm. The case could be reached even before the forced removal of the nail plate as a particularly strong adhesive is not designed for natural nails.

However, even if an artificial nail is broken on the edge of a smile, you can forget about using such a means as this will also lead to disastrous consequences.

It should be noted that actually, the method of tea-bag is a kind of universal formula of “first aid”. You must understand that the option of salvation is more of a temporary nature and it is better not to delay going to the salon.


Fortunately, the girls are able to complement your look this fashionable accessory, like a manicure, but unfortunately, it requires a lot of care and patience because the nails grow to the desired length easy, but even harder this length to save!

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