Bum pics: freedom of expression or in a fashion collapse?

Expression through clothes is a normal practice of the majority of people, even if they will not admit it. As you know, we in the world of 7 billion And every claim to uniqueness. No wonder there are such a number of fashionable styles and directions. Some are replaced by others, something just adapts to the demands of the time. But is there some kind of framework, which style turns into bad taste? Today website stylishe.ru wants to talk to you about the very controversial trend of modern fashion. We will focus on so-called bum-style or the style of “Homeless”.

Where the wind blows

It is safe to say that the homeless-style — the antithesis of glamour with his characteristic deliberate prettiness. Fans of this trend is not something that is not trying to decorate herself. They seem at times, pursue a diametrically opposite purpose.

No matter how ridiculous it sounded, but the “icon” bum style has become a real homeless Chinese man whose photos were on the forum as a photographer and has caused a wide public resonance. Readers considered homeless stylish and expressive.

However, objectively speaking, the Chinese so dressed up is not a good life. But the number of fans and admirers bum-style, you can not mention such distressed persons as johnny Depp, keira Knightley, brad pitt (and you, Brutus?!), Sarah Jessica Parker. Even Madonna sinful attraction to this style. What is it, citizens? Involuntarily the thought creeps in: and not fat if our stars get mad?

In fact, if you do not bring the idea to the absurd, the hobo-style can be quite wearable. And Hollywood celebrities — example.

The concept of style bums

Homeless because of their lifestyle have to put on everything you find — you have to sleep on the street. Therefore, one of the key ideas tramp-style is layering. The art of layering is not easy to master — not everyone is given the ability to combine incongruous and look a million dollars. It is the art and carry the weight of the stars with varying success.


Another distinguishing feature of this fashionable direction — use in your ensemble worn, faded things, or just those looking. So choose the closet for a bow in the style of a homeless universe itself tells second-hand.

Some particularly zealous fans direction do not hesitate to wear torn tights and other clothes with defects. However, it is very doubtful reception.

Of course, the image in the style of the bum represents the inner freedom from stereotypes, conventions, passion for brands or snowcrystals. Therefore, it is assumed that the outfit should be comfortable. Studs, jewelry, tight skirts — this is not about bum-style. In the image necessarily have to be baggy, stretched, loose, or several sizes larger than you need. Wide straight coats, worn a knitted jumper, a giant t-shirt, airy shirt is just what the doctor ordered.

Also welcomed the brutal details: large, heavy jewelry, worn-out boots with corrugated soles, worn leather jackets. And, of course, torn jeans — where do without them?


A huge bag or backpack is another constant attribute of any hobo. And a fan of hobo style, of course. You remember the terrible checkered trunks of cloth, with which pensioners go to the market, the shuttles carry the goods on the same market, and homeless people collect bottles? Now, you can easily get a handbag and proudly flaunting her Louis Vuitton gives the nod: the same instances are available now in well-known global brand and diverge from foreign fashionistas like hotcakes.

If you look closely, you can detect many similarities between the styles of boho-chic and the hobo. The latter is perhaps more brutal and exaggerated.

So, let’s summarize. The hobo style is something quite specific. Of course, to base some of his ideas. However, this should be done cautiously. After all, we live a normal life on earth, and not in the clouds like a Hollywood star. And if keira Knightley for another bow in the style of a homeless person can declare a fashion Queen, you’re coming in on something like that, for example, a risk to be handed over to the appropriate institution. At best, you will be fired. So experiment on your health, but don’t lose touch with reality.

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