Can pregnant women paint nails

Pregnant women should not forget about the beauty of nails. People there is a belief that if the woman is pregnant, especially the first one, she shouldn’t dye her hair, nails, eyes and lips, as any dyes can harm her unborn baby. This statement is absolutely not true.

Some pregnant women change external data. Hair becomes more fragile, the facial features change slightly and of course there are changes in the condition of the nail plates of the hands. But no contraindications to continue to follow along and use any variety of makeup, women who are expecting a baby, no.


  • Can pregnant women paint nails
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The changes and problems that happen to the nails of hands in pregnant women is associated with a change of diet, and, consequently, lack of nutrients, and unstable hormonal background.

The problems can be a nail growth — it will be accelerated or slowed down compared to the conventional time to pregnancy. Also the change can be nail plates in terms of increased strength or brittleness.

In this regard, choosing a nail Polish, pregnant women should remember that it needs to be very high quality and durability. To quickly peeled off, and the beautiful manicure is preserved as long as possible. But to paint your nails during pregnancy is not forbidden.

Can pregnant women paint nails

Is it safe to paint your nails for pregnant and nursing moms? Definitely a question to answer is unlikely to succeed. The answer may depend on several factors. For example, such a coating, what are You going to cover the nail. The only thing you can say for sure that any harm (maybe even minimum) bears any of the methods of creating beautiful nails.

Let’s consider each method separately:

  1. If You prefer conventional nail varnish, it is a big minus in this procedure, you will smell toxic, You will not will, but the will to breathe. If to observe certain rules, we will consider a little later, this type of manicure can be called safe.
  2. You can get a manicure, covering the nails with shellac. This method saves You from frequent visits to the wizard, because it is a coating on the nails holding for quite a long time. The only disadvantage of this procedure, again not counting the smell, is that this procedure requires a lot of free time.
  3. If You want to increase your nails, it is better to abandon this method. Of course, with this coverage Your nails will last a long time, but that’s a huge amount of harmful substances in the composition, says that during pregnancy and feeding such nails should be abandoned.
  4. But the covering of nails Biogel to advise such ladies, who, being in an interesting position, want to have a beautiful manicure. Due to its excellent composition, this coating will help make nails strong and, at the same time, will create them presentable.

The most dangerous substances which can be included in the coating composition, the acetone, formaldehyde and toluene. They need to avoid, because these tools can slowly poison Your body.

During pregnancy you need to pay more attention to the reading of the composition of any of the tools and products that you want to use.

Thus, based on the composition and scientific data, there are several rules that will help You to protect yourself during pregnancy and lactation from hazardous and noxious substances.

The basic rules of manicure for pregnancy

1. When the nail Polish try to use a better and more proven company varnishes, because they have the most secure compared to cheap and low-quality brands.

2. Try to find lipsticks, are composed of no substances such as formaldehyde and toluene, or those varnishes in which they are written in the composition in last place.

3. To minimize poisoning of the body due to inhalation of noxious fumes, make a manicure in a well ventilated rooms or spaces.

4. Find such a tool for Polish remover that does not contain acetone. Such solutions right now and you can buy them in any specialized shop.

5. Do not blow on your nails to help them dry faster. Better to let the nails will take longer to dry, but You will not once again to inhale toxic “fragrances”.

6. After the procedures related to the nails, be sure to thoroughly wash hands with soap, because chances are that a toxic substance can enter Your body through the hands during a meal.

7. And the last one. When You’re close to your due date, it is better to give preference to natural nails without any coating. Most importantly, the nails were short and the manicure does not interfere with You and not distract You once again.

To sum it up, in an interesting position and being at the stage of feeding your baby, your nails can be. But it is better to reduce this procedure to a minimum.

Manicure during pregnancy

But still a lover of nail Polish, which is in a new crucial condition, we should not forget about some rules.

1. Due to the fact that some pregnant women occurs in the body lack of nutrients, it is important that all cosmetics for the care of her hands and nails were absolutely harmless.

2. It is not necessary to change their, now familiar, creams and masks for hands on new albeit heavily advertised and zarekomendovala universal means of application. It is unknown how will the body of a pregnant woman in this case. Better not to risk it.

3. Due to the fact that some pregnant women may appear unstable hormonal status, should consult a doctor, if you have decided on the capacity of nail plates and coating them with gel.

4. To prevent the manifestations of allergic reactions, before using makeup for hands and nail Polish, even if the products had long been familiar to the woman, and she uses them for more than one year, should be allergopharma.

5. If the cosmetics for hands and nails meet at least one of the following substances, such as formaldehyde or formalin, as well as their aqueous solutions, their use should be abandoned altogether.

Due to the fact that these substances are very toxic and contact with them in the human body can cause harm to the developing fetus of a child in the womb.

6. In the medium-liquid, designed for removing nail Polish, should not be such a solvent as acetone. It should not have a strong and pungent odor. When you purchase the liquid Polish remover, it is necessary to carefully read the annotation recommendation for its use.

7. In the condition that the nail will be acrylic method is possible only in the absence of toxicity in a pregnant woman, as it was accompanied by a focus on specific sharp odor.

8. It is not recommended to engage in a drastic change in your appearance and visit the manicurist in the salon to women who are pregnant during the first three months. At this time, the child is the initial development of the main vital systems of internal organs.

9. To a pregnant woman doubted that she could use cosmetics for hands and nails, it is necessary to consult to the gynecologist, who is watching over her pregnancy and prepares for the upcoming birth.

Love yourself and your kids!

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