Capsule closet: get rid of unsystematic

How do you usually prepare for the reception of guests? Assume that you initially expect, what will you bring to the table. Next, think through all the necessary ingredients. And then go with a list to the supermarket. And imagine the situation: you’re walking along the shelves with a cart and throw into it whatever you like, then go home and decide whatever to cook.

It is likely that even if you 50 products you can’t make any of them full meals. Absurd? But isn’t that how the majority of us, when buying a very beautiful shoes on sale, and then sadly notes that none of the available clothing doesn’t approach them?

Website Stylish declares war haphazard purchases. Today we will tell you what a capsule wardrobe and will teach you the basic principles of its formation.


What is a capsule wardrobe?

It is known that women on the agenda are always the two most urgent problems: all men are bast…, and have nothing to wear. And those same ones…. as a rule, absolutely can not understand the origins of the second problem, despite the fact that the wardrobe literally bursts.

Blame our women’s emotionality. Because most of the things clogging our wardrobe, or it’s not in character or out of fashion, or from the category of “unlikely to wear, but throw a pity.” There are still things that we dream to lose weight.

Modern stylists, knowing this feature, it is recommended to form a closet on the principle of the capsules. What is a capsule? It is set with a average of 5-8 items and accessories, inside of which things are easily combined, allowing you to change the way and every day a new look.

Let’s be realistic: the year in 4 seasons, each of us leads an active lifestyle and might not show up at work and in the gym in the same things. Therefore your wardrobe should consist of several capsules, for example, for office, for walking, for sports and picnics, to the beach, etc. Things may move from one capsule to another, depending on the time of year or situation.

However, things within a capsule must be designed in the same concept.

To a capsule wardrobe did its job, it should be based on things that are not influenced by fashion, have a high degree of variability can be updated by using accessories.

The advantages of a method of forming a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe helps us to save two of the most valuable human resource:

— money will no longer be random things that you bought, tempted by the discount or to cheer yourself up.

— time – you don’t have now to stand for hours with his head in the wardrobe and wondering what to wear. All the things in the closet are very easily combined in successful sets.

Besides, you will save time on fitting in the shop things that you initially do not fit.

How to create a capsule closet

We are all different, so there is no single, universal and win-win strategy for the formation of wardrobe. Someone in the office with a strict dress code and someone you can come to work in jeans and sneakers. Someone enjoys downhill skiing, and some swimming.

To form a capsule wardrobe, it is necessary to find a suitable for you individual style and identify their needs.

For example, if you’re a fan of dresses, then you should have several of them, and to them – jackets, cardigans, sweaters, blouses, and various accessories that go well with them combined.

The colors must also be selected in such a way to make things easy to match. And, of course, you should consider clothes and shoes.

It is sometimes difficult to form a capsule that is based on the functional load of things. In this case, you can take a principle color combination of things or their stylistic orientation.

However, the main concept is to have things in one capsule could easily be combined with each other – should be preserved.

Example of closet, formed by a capsule method

As an example, we present a closet, which is based on universal, classic things. This closet will fit most women. It needs to include the following garments:

— sheath dress

— two business suit – pant and skirt. As an option – two of the jacket, skirt and pants that are easily combined among themselves.

— two pairs of jeans is casual and for going out. Preference should be given jeans a classic style, noble dark blue.

— set of blouses – one white fitted shirt, one bright, dressy blouse and one calm colors.

— a few tops – black and bright, can printovannye

— two sweaters – one universal black color and the other color

two or three simple solid sweaters

two or three cardigans in different colors

— outerwear: the trench coat – all mid-length, winter clothes (coat, sheepskin coat)

— shoes: classic pumps, boots, slim calf, medium heel, heeled ankle boots, dressy shoes for going out, loafers or ballet flats.

— bags: one practical, casual, one more formal, for output, the third option is a spacious semi-sports style

— accessories – everything is very individually and depends on personal preference. But, in addition to jewelry, be sure to have a couple of belts, some neck scarves and scarves. It is also impossible to recommend a generic version of the headgear.

Walking through this list you realize that all contained things very easily formed in the kits.

If you approach the business with intelligence and enthusiasm, then very soon you will know hto choose a capsule closet is convenient and not difficult.

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