Chicago Style: soak up the atmosphere of old America

The twentieth century has left us a vivid cultural heritage is concerned including the history of fashion and style. Now, when it’s already , designers and couturier is mostly nostalgic mood, forcing to return to the theme of the past. The era of style of Chicago 20-30-ies – opens unlimited scope for the imagination of those who are in any way associated with the fashion industry or just interested in its development.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will tell you that was the style of Chicago – which were, as painted beneath it danced than breathing. We hope that our article will help you to feel the spirit of gangster America and plunge into an indescribable atmosphere of this dashing time.

Style Chicago detyalyah…

— Outfits. 20-30 years – time for a radical breaking of the stereotype of the female image. It is significant that the early Chicago – 20-years – is more modest dresses, but closer to 30 years women’s clothing is becoming more democratic. If in 20 years to appear in public in a skirt above-knee length was considered bad manners, in the 30s it became the universal norm. In General the metamorphosis of women’s dresses from early to late Chicago occurred in the following scenario: from long skirts to short; from a closed back and a moderate neckline – deep cut; low waist – to traditional style; from the long sleeves to short; from boxy to bodycon.

Dresses became more sexual and liberated. They gave women a feeling of allure and freedom of choice. Widely used shiny fabrics, fringe. Traditional colors – black, dark blue. Fashion – striped dress.

Dress in the style of Chicago is designed more for a teenage figure than the lush feminine form. Nevertheless, they manage to remain virtually defiantly sexy and attractive.

If we talk about men’s fashion, the Chicago style is primarily classic costumes (especially popular were suits and striped), elegant hats, ties and white scarves. In teeth – a cigar. Under his arm, graceful cane. And of course, always with a true colt.

Accessories. Down with mandatory headgear! 30 years freeing women from this obligation: now they may appear in public places with uncovered head without compromising his reputation. But women still appreciate the effect that is able to produce a well-chosen hat, so continue to use it for aesthetic purposes, however, more democratic. Hat could be replaced with feather, ribbon, Hoop.

  • — Hats are worn most different style, but much love from the fairer sex enjoys the style of “bell”.
  • — The constant accessory gangster style – gloves to the elbow.
  • Women also adorned themselves with capes made of fur, a bright feather boa, hung round neck long string of pearls, complement your image of a little purse wallet. And of course the cigarette in a long mouthpiece – the constant accessory stylish women a La Chicago.
  • — Due to the fact that skirts became shorter, the appearance of the stocking has become particularly important. Now, women had another reason to show others the spectacular nylon or silk stockings on slender legs. Crowned the image of elegant shoes heels-shots.

— Make-up. Fashionistas 20-30 years featured subtle heavily penciled eyebrows-threads, a matte black eye shadow, bright red lips and pale skin. As you can see, makeup was bright, even screaming. The corners of the eyes and lips dropped down, made a face like a tragic mask.

— Hair style. The democratization of the silhouette continued in Vogue for hair. Women are actively getting rid of long curls and haircut under the boy. Short hair stacked in graceful waves or curl in tight curls. For short hair it is much easier to care for, they open smooth line of neck and bare back. Needless to say, the women are gleefully embraced this trend and hastened to the barbershop to say goodbye to long hair.

Music. 20 years is a Golden age in the history of jazz. At this time in various entertaining places in Chicago there are numerous jazz bands, formed of immigrants from New Orleans. In fact, the term “jazz” was actively used during this period. It Chicago was teeming with jazz stars. He also became the birthplace of the so-called “white” jazz, which, though formed on the basis of new Orleans, was largely under the influence of Western music.

Entertainment. Chicago 20-30-ies – this prohibition, and the widespread domination of the mafia clans, and an unprecedented wave of crime. This era is known to us, among other things, thanks to such names as al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, Joni D. Chicago 30’s is a underground casino, liquor smuggling, shooting at bottles, and of course, gang wars.

Imagine: a room, shrouded in cigar smoke and smelling of whiskey; the walls are draped with cloth and covered with black-and-white photos; a background of playing jazz music, there are card tables and roulette. It looked like the classic casino Chicago 30-ies.

And alcohol was served in coffee or tea cups for conspiracy: prohibition was declared categorically and universally, but respected it very selectively.

For example, whiskey was sold in the pharmacy with a prescription, but the doctors discharged such “medicine” right and left.

We hope our article gave you a better sense of what was meant withthe til Chicago, and helped to feel its atmosphere. Chic, brilliance, elegance – perhaps these epithets characterize this era. The idea of Chicago style are now very actively used for organization of various events – corporate parties, social parties, weddings. Perhaps you’d find it interesting and will inspire you to transform following a meeting with his company in a stylized night. Good luck!


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