Chocolate nail art

What could be better than chocolate. It was a treat I love almost all women. However, chocolate is not only a great dessert. Besides the amazing taste, chocolate has a considerable number of vitamins and minerals. That is why since ancient times, this delicacy used in cosmetics. See also the nail sticker.

Chocolate manicure

Today any self-respecting Spa offers several different treatments, using high quality chocolate. Cosmetics based on cocoa beans miraculous effect on the skin, leaving it velvety, moisturized and toned, and saturating the skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

That is why the manicurist increasingly offer their customers a wonderful Spa manicure with the use of this delicacy.

Chocolate manicure caring not only for your skin but also nourishes the nails, making them stronger and preventing breakage.

Do not forget about the smell, a wonderful aroma of cocoa envelops the client throughout the procedure.

How to make chocolate Spa manicure

As with any care products, chocolate Spa manicure is divided into several stages.

Cleansing hands and nails

In the first stage of the manicure, the wizard handles handle customer’s antiseptic and also clears the nail Polish, if any. After that the nails attached to the necessary form and processed to the cuticle.

Next is the bath for hands or hands steamed with warm towels. The wizard then gently massages the client handle by using a chocolate scrub. The scrub varies from the selected compartment.

This can be a specialized cosmetic series cocoa and scrub, made by a master directly into the cabin.

By the way, this scrub can be done at home. You need to mix the melted dark chocolate 1 tablespoon ground coffee beans, for more moisture you can add to the mixture a little cream.

Master gently massages the skin, allowing you to remove impurities and dead skin cells.

Hydration and nutrition

Once the master has to RUB the handle of the client using the scrub on cleansed skin apply a special moisturizing mask. As with all cosmetics chocolate Spa manicure, the mask is made from cocoa beans of the highest grade.

The mask is necessary to apply a greasy layer, and then put on gloves the handle of polyethylene, and then cotton. Due to this amplified the effects of cosmetic products.

The exposure time of the mask about fifteen minutes. Chocolate mask perfectly rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin, and removes toxins, tones and relieves stress. After the exposure time, the mask is washed off, and the handles applied protective cream with extract of cocoa.

The application of varnish

The final stage of the chocolate Spa manicure, as with any other, is the covering of nails a varnish. However, in order to fully enjoy the atmosphere of luxury chocolate, the wizard may offer the client a manicure in chocolate style.

There are many variations, using different chocolate shades, from milky white to deep black. It all depends on the creativity and skill of a professional manicure.

View our photo gallery, what a manicure can be done in chocolate shades.

Chocolate manicure photo gallery

Chocolate Spa manicure is a great way to pamper your hands. After the first treatment, the skin will become more hydrated and tightened, small wrinkles disappear, nails will look neat and tidy.

And regular treatments chocolate manicure can negate such problems as dry skin, brittle nails, and even dark spots.

Do not forget that chocolate is an excellent antidepressant. The whole procedure is accompanied by a tremendous chocolate flavor. Chocolate manicure to make your hands and is in impeccable condition and will also be a great way of relaxation, and stress will not be over.