Choosing a coat on the figure

Autumn came into its own. Summer sundresses and sandals hid in the closet. And it’s time for us to go shopping for to update your winter wardrobe. Coat is the most suitable form of clothing in the period of the autumn winds and the first frost. Fashion is changeable, and designers are constantly offering us new options of styles, colors, and finish coat. However, fashion is not the ultimate truth.

When choosing your clothing, the first thing to think about is whether it emphasizes your strengths and hides any shortcomings. So today’s article website Stylish dedicates the hot topic: how to pick up a coat on the figure.

Coat the figure – how to choose

There are 5 basic types of shapes: “hourglass”, “rectangle”, “inverted triangle”, “Apple” and “pear”. Each of these types has its own peculiarities, which must take into account when choosing clothes.

Coat for the figure “hourglass”

Definitely, the owners of this type of figures luck. They can afford almost any clothing – a correct proportion of body is hard to mess up. However, in order to best demonstrate the dignity of the figure, the X-type, we recommend you to wear a coat silhouette that accentuate a narrow waist.

The emphasis on the waist can also be done with a belt.

Coats for rectangle shapes

Holders of such shape are characterized in that they have a very weakly expressed waist, and hips and chest — almost the same width. The task of the clothes is to give the figure a more feminine proportions.

Use for these purposes, the coat, extending from top to bottom. The waist can also be emphasized by means of a belt or girdle. Details such as, for example, patch pockets in the hips or chest, make the silhouette less blocky. You will also suit coat with an asymmetrical cut.

The optimal length coat for this type of figure, to the knees or mid-thigh.

Coat for the figure “inverted triangle”

Representatives of this type of figure are rare. These women are sporty silhouette – broad shoulders and fairly narrow hips. However, such ladies, generally, can boast quite slim waist.

Task coat – visually expand the lower part of the figure and distract attention from broad shoulders. Therefore, we recommend you a fitted coat with a flared draped hem: pleats and pleating artificially increase the width of the hips. The belt helps to emphasize the contrast between hips and waist. Patch pockets at the hips the other way.

You will also help Raglan sleeves – they visually narrow the shoulders.

Avoid epaulettes, shoulder pads, pockets in the shoulder area – in General, any details that draw attention to this body part. Also refrain from buying double-breasted coat.

Coat for the figure “Apple”

Representative figures of the “Yabloko” have a wide waist, large Breasts, narrow hips and shoulders. To select a figure such clothing is not easy. The objective of coat is to visually create the illusion of a waist. So you’ll have to abandon the broad shapeless models.

Best suited extremely short coat that covers the hips, a silhouette, but not extending to the shoulders. As often for such a figure is “included” General completeness, recommended monochrome pattern coat with minimal finishing.

Choose a coat with one row of buttons and a collar.

Coat for the figure “pear”

Narrow shoulders, small Breasts, slim waist and curvy hips are the distinguishing features of the figure of the “pear”.

Elegant waist – this is the main advantage of such figures, and it should show. This is easy to achieve, emphasizing it with a belt, sash, belt.

In order to visually equalize the weakly pronounced Breasts and wide hips, you should choose the model coats decorated with interesting complex collars, patch pockets at the chest, applique, decorative buttons, etc. Suggest to pay attention on the model coat with sleeves-small lamps: they look very feminine and visually increase the area of the shoulders.

Drop from too short a coat. The minimum length – to the knees.

I hope that now you understand how to pick up a coat on the figure, and you meet the advancing autumn cold head-on.

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