Christmas Lights nails

Manicure with a garland on the nails looks bright and attractive for the new year. Since 2019 will be held under the sign of the yellow earth pig, stylists recommend decorating a fashionable manicure with a variety of garlands of gold and yellow shades. Let’s discuss more fashionable manicure with garlands, as well as look at the trend options that you can create your own at home. Manicure with garlands, it is really a festive nail design that goes well with confetti. To portray confetti on the nails it was fashionable 10 years ago. Today, the confetti has changed significantly. They have become larger and more expressive. Many stylists recommend to do a confetti of metal circles. The result is very bright and beautiful. Garland on the nails, paired with confetti, looks incredibly festive. However, do not overdo it with decorative elements. It is enough to decorate only one nail plate with a garland that the manicure began to look refined and easy.

Christmas Lights nails


If you want to create a manicure with a garland at home, you will need a thin brush and several types of nail Polish. Excellent shades will be red, yellow, gold, blue, brown, and green. Initially, it is important to determine what will be a garland straight, zigzag, or round. Next, draw a line depending on how you want the garland to be located on the nail plate. This is best done in black. Draw a colorful, cone-shaped garland. Be sure to cover the fashionable pattern with a special protective nail Polish to keep it for a long time. Below we will show you a photo of the most popular options for creating a garland on the nail plate.
Garland on nails paired with a Christmas tree
Quite a bright solution is the image of a garland paired with a Christmas tree on the nail plate. Today, this manicure prefer to create many Fashionistas. It looks incredibly impressive. Moreover, the garland can be drawn both manually and created with the help of stamping. As for the Christmas tree, the picture can be made in a variety of interpretations, ranging from graphic application to artistic painting of nails. Be sure to pay attention to this combination, as it is a great solution for the new year celebration.
Garland with rhinestones and stones

Of course, the most simple and concise option to create a garland on the nails provides rhinestones and stones. All you need to do is apply a black line with a thin brush, and then distribute the stones so where you would like to see a garland on your nails. The result is an incredibly bright and attractive manicure that looks festive and bright.
Garland on nails paired with drawings
You can create a spectacular garland on the nails, adding her drawings. This can be a variety of interpretations on the theme of the New year. For example, a team of deer, icicles, snowflakes and more. At the same time, stylists recommend to create drawings only on ring fingers not to overload manicure with additional decorative elements.
French nail art design and garland
Garland on the nails will look more bright and attractive if you add it to the classic French technique. French manicure looks amazing paired with new year’s drawings on the nails. And the garland is no exception. Stylists recommend to create a simple garland using crystals and stones to make the image more attractive.
Fashionable shades of nail Polish.
If we talk about the fashionable shades of nail Polish, the most popular are yellow, gold, pink and green shades. It is important to understand that the best garland on the nail plate looks on the basis of white nail Polish. However, in 2019, it is best to replace it with light silver or a light gold shade of nail Polish.
Garland on the nails with the help of stamping.
Create garlands on the nails with the help of stamping is quite a simple task. All you need is a special thematic stamps that will allow you to quickly and effectively apply the drawing on the nail plate. As for the stamps themselves, in 2019 it is important to choose drawings in the style of minimalism, so as not to overload this manicure decorative details. Pay attention to the fine lines, light decor and sequins that will make manicure with garlands more unusual and attractive.

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