Classic style

“Times change and we change with them… but the good old classics are not subject to the spirit of oblivion”, and the classic style in the interior — is still relevant and in demand, as many centuries ago. Thanks to the respectable beauty and luxurious elegance, this magnificent style and a modern twist symbolizes comfort, good taste and special, inimitable style.

Classic style in the interior the unity of the festive ambiance and restrained nobility

The emergence of “timeless classics”

The concept of “classicism” comes from Latin and means “normal order.” The emergence of classicism dates back to the XVI century, and it flourished in the XVII — XIX century. Classic style in the interior owes its popularity to Louis XIV, during the reign of which French, and pompous classicism flourished in all its glory. Aesthetics and shock value of this inimitable style, the antique forms and the festive splendor of the interior are embodied in such magnificent monuments as the famous Versailles and the Louvre.

Classic style in a modern decor

Amazing symmetry and beauty, the grandeur, precision and symmetry of lines, and every detail of decor and high-quality, expensive materials — provide classic style in a modern interior. The reference style necessarily implies the right, geometric designs, multiple lighting, expensive machinery, wood, metal, natural stone, leather, luxury fabrics and antique accessories.


The decor, as a rule, discreet and festive decorated with columns, relief sculptures, paintings, prints and murals, “gilded mouldings”, and the welcome plant ornament, antique motifs. Often used and round medallions with carved bas-reliefs. With small cornices, pilasters and porticos perfectly coexist charismatic reliefs in Roman, Egyptian or Greek style.


Color accents and exquisite attributes “parade of classics”

The color palette presents soft, soothing colours – cream, pale yellow, pink, sky blue, coffee and beige tones. The main color of the interior is milky white, which successfully combined with shiny gold and pastel colors in the decoration of the walls, creates a sublime perfection and purity of the classical style in the interior. As color accents, you can use the luxurious undertones of green and blue.


Granite or marble column is the very quintessence of the interior, the greatness, pride, the attraction and the important attribute. Strict canons of the classical style require the use of shiny metal – bronze and gold and expensive material – satin, brocade and silk, and solid colors of light green, cream, deep blue, cream and caramel, and restrained, noble patterns best fit the concept of harmonious and exemplary style.


Large Windows elegant Drapes beautiful curtains with fluffy tassels and elegant curtains, the floor, in turn, is decorated with art, gorgeous parquet from valuable and exclusive kinds of natural wood, which just looks amazingly soft, stylish handmade carpets. And classic wooden furniture with gold leaf, delicate carvings and inlaid bronze and natural mother of pearl – turns into a special rarity.

The dominant features of the classical style

Classic style could not be better corresponds to the traditional standards of European classics, he dictates the rules of attention to intricacies and detail, and do not accept frills. For interior lighting in a classic style, modern designers provide elegant chandeliers of shimmering crystal, high quality glass or natural transparent stone.

Perfectly fit into the overall “picture of Bohemian luxury” and gold or bronze lamps, which mimic burning candles, and sconces, reminiscent of jewelry. Completeness and harmony to the overall holiday ensemble — attach patterned, ornate cornices, portals alluring and fascinating stained glass Windows.

To create an interior in the style of modern classicism — need to pick up the furniture a stately, but not pretentious.

Advantageous to look high-quality furniture in walnut, rosewood, cherry, Karelian birch, rare and costly woods, inlaid with precious stones and metals. Warmth and comfort, aesthetics and elegance give the house and the antique decor items, fine China, mirrors, and collectible collection of books.


If you are not only self-sufficient, elegant and the most Stylish Thing, but also a great “connoisseur” of beauty, adoring the splendor and the purity of forms, then create your own masterpiece – classic style in the interior. Unforgettable atmosphere of the present, the “crystal castle” of the metropolis, where space has no time, and elegant decorations create a joyful mood and make your home a Royal luxurious and welcoming.