Clothing for women in 60 years: how to choose

“To look gorgeous, not necessarily to be young and beautiful” — said Coco Chanel. And she certainly was an expert in style and in fashion and attractiveness. Today the site is a Stylish little Thing decided to dedicate age category women over 60. In this day and age women can catch yourself admiring glances.

Healthy lifestyle, care for themselves, a positive Outlook on life, and, of course, well-chosen wardrobe – here are the keys to female attraction. Let’s take a closer look at what should be clothes for women 60 years.

Clothes for 60 year olds: the main criteria

60 years old women, thankfully, are able to soberly assess their strengths and weaknesses. The trouble is that many people still appreciate them from the position 35 years of age, and even younger age.

Desperate attempts to give the young woman mental confusion. Take your age and learn to feel comfortable in it.

This does not mean that you have to tie a handkerchief lonely and to get oneself an old woman in a shapeless hoodie. Just a little revise your setup on clothing.

Restraint and elegance are the key criteria that need to build a wardrobe 60 year old woman. But as practice shows, these characteristics in the clothing is achieved through its simplicity.

The shorter cut, style, color and finish of things, the better it will be for you to sit.

With age, the figure blurry. Not every woman are able to keep yourself in perfect shape. In any case, you are unlikely you get to keep the same dimensions as in 35 years.

Completeness is the easiest way to hide again with the help of simple clothing.

Silhouette dress in a dark wash, devoid of ruffles, Ruche, ruff, patch pockets, decorative zippers and other optional elements, ideal 60-year-old woman.

Speaking of dark shades, we don’t mean solely black and does not encourage you to wear mourning for lost youth. Clothing noble exquisite shades will perform the same functions, but will add to your image of colors.

Notice, for example, in bright blue, wine, cherry, beige.

Be careful with eggplant and marsh green: these colors are very cunning, they tend to give the skin a painful shade.

60 years on the skin, usually appear quite deep wrinkles. They are particularly noticeable in the neck area and décolleté. So choose clothing that hides this area. Gracefully tied neckerchief disguising aging skin, revitalize your image and refresh the complexion.

Skirts above the knees for you, of course, is absolutely contraindicated. The optimum length – just below the knee. It is this length of skirt is best emphasizes the beauty of female legs. Well, caviar is the part of the body which undergoes minimal age-related changes. So if you’re happy with their shape, go for it.

Choosing dresses or blouses, keep in mind that the upper part of the arm is just one of those areas where time leaves very noticeable marks. The sleeve should be long or three-quarter.

Who said that jeans is an attribute of youth? Today jeans are a universal clothing. Just choose a classical style. Jeans should be straight, tight, but not tight. And of course, no artificial fading, rivets, buttons and other bells and whistles.

Do not neglect the shoes. Of course, subtle studs you have are not suitable. But chunky heel with a height of 3-5 cm will add your figure of grace, elegance and femininity. I do not advise to abuse the shoes on a wide heel or bulky geisha. This kind of shoes, perhaps comfortable, but it will emphasize the massiveness of the silhouette and spoil the shape of the calf.

And another important point. 60 years is not permissible to wear clothing of poor quality. Market things low grade will not spoil except that the ideal-built young body.

Let your wardrobe a few things, but worthy of you.

Be picky when choosing fabric, inspecting the seams and folds trying. You have every moral right.

Do not forget that clothes for women 60 years of age must indicate their affiliation to the fairer sex. A woman should remain a Woman in any age is battered, but has proved its worth in practice idea.

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