Cocktail dresses for full – laconic solemnity

Modern fashion industry is focused mainly on women with a standard figure. What a sin to conceal: the ladies with the size more than 48 quite difficult to dress stylishly and effectively. Many holders of magnificent forms are complaining that their figures outfits simply don’t sew. And if the selection of casual clothes that you have to go to work, shopping or walk with children, they somehow cope, a formal event where you want to look feminine and attractive, puts them in a deadlock.

So today the site for women Stylish has set itself the goal to alleviate buxom beauties of life and to teach them how to choose cocktail dresses for fullto in a festive atmosphere to feel irresistible.

Why the need for cocktail dresses

For starters, let’s see, what is cocktail dresses and which cases they provided.

Cocktail dresses is a compromise between celebration and daily life. Admit it, we have not so many reasons in life to walk the red carpet in a ball gown with crinoline or a long train. But the events on which you want to look elegant, but at the same time not pretentious – weight. For these cases, there is cocktail dresses.

So, the main characteristics for this form of clothing are:

Cocktail dress should not be too revealing with a plunging neckline, short skirt, open back and slit on the entire length of the leg.

— It should not be too conspicuous, with plenty of rhinestones, sequins, beads and other decorations.

It is easy to update with accessories

— If desired, it can be used as everyday

Most importantly, you should avoid full women when choosing dresses is the desire to get oneself into a shapeless balahonistyh things or, on the contrary, cover all its folds. The wisest thing you can do is to choose the clothes your size.

Choose a cocktail dress for full figure is not so difficult. We will present to you for consideration several models that could not be better emphasize the dignity of mouth-watering physique.

Hit parade of successful solutions

Little black sheath dress. Let’s start with the classics. First, the color black is slimming – know it all. Second, this model of the dress emphasizes feminine silhouette. Choose the model, made of thick, well-fitting fabric that will fit, but not to pull the shape with a well thought-out lines of the undercut. Length – just below the knee will visually elongate the figure and make you visually slimmer.


This dress is surprisingly easy to find accessories for all occasions. And in the closet, it just will not lie: it can be used not only for cocktail events but also for business meetings, regular days in the office, and many other events.

Dress or A trapezoidal-shaped. This visual style creates a smooth transition from the chest to the hips. Very often, women suffer from a lack of a pronounced waist, and this model is a great way to visually create the illusion of its existence.

Such dresses should not be long, so they allow you to demonstrate slender legs.

Greek style. The Empire waist is generally a godsend for those who are trying to hide an imperfect belly, full hips or problem waist. And ample Breasts, which usually is the main advantage of chasers here, will look at it more effectively.

Traditionally dresses in the Greek style suggest long hem. By the way, for full ladies of a similar length – a great way to visually shed a couple pounds. However, for cocktail version of the dress more welcome length to mid-calf.

For strapless dresses with tight bodice – the so-called dress-bustier. They are also the perfect way to showcase the flattering neckline and graceful shoulder. Can be made in the option drop-waist and with the traditional height of the bodice. The preferred length – just below the knee, but a skirt can be both broad and narrow.


A great addition to such dress will be the tippet.

Important nuances when choosing a cocktail dresses for full

When choosing a cocktail dress for fat women one of the most important roles played by colour. Of course, a classic of the genre is black. However, this is not the only option. Traditional colors that will easily fit into the format of cocktail events and are profitable for owners of lush figures – blue, Burgundy, red, purple.

We suggest you choose dresses of monotone colors, but as an option you can wear a dress with understated small pattern.

The choice of fabric is also not the last thing. Give up hosiery, shiny fabrics imitating snake skin, etc. are best suited the flowy and light fabrics-satin, silk, taffeta or chiffon.

And of course, perfect with a cocktail dress for full combined heels.

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