Color-blocking: what is it and how to wear it

The trend this season is color-blocking. These words can be found everywhere: on the front pages of fashion magazines, online clothes shops, bright banners and not only. What is color-blocking , how to choose and match bright things, but not look ridiculous and absurd — read our article.

What is color-blocking?

Color-blocking in a literal translation – “colored blocks“. In the world of fashion is the technique in which one ensemble combines several rich colors. In other words — is the selection of right combination of different color blocks.

So lovely fashionista color-blocking — it’s not just a poisonous combination of acid yellow with wildly pink, a beautiful combination of grassy-green air-yellow or natural red with dark blue.

It is very important that things you’ll match was holistic, without any embroidery, drawings, rhinestones and other decorative elements.


Color-blocking is a revolution in the use of type and style nansov, today there is no rigid framework and rules, as there are no categories, which include a particular type of women. Color-blocking allows any woman to transform, to blossom like a beautiful flower, to find new aspects and possibilities.

When comes the spring sun, blooming buds and flowers did not want to dress in heavy black and monotone outfits. Color-blocking literally pulls you out of the gray routine and boring framework. Create a mood for yourself, pick colors to match to your smile and don’t let anyone dictate its own rules.

Closet in the style of color-blocking

To actually do the toilet in the style of color-blocking is not difficult. Even if in your wardrobe there is at least one bright thing, enough for her to find a white pair and suit ready! White color combined with bright shades always look noble and stylish. But it is, so to say, easy and simple option is color-blocking. True, the conventional color-blocking implies the combination of very bright colors in one outfit.

This season stylists of the world have dictated new terms for those customers who want to look at the latest fashion. Today is a combination of two close shades of the same color, like this color-blocking looks not as aggressive as, say, the tandem of red and green.


Funny, but yesterday blue, light blue and pale blue colors in one outfit was considered a sign of bad taste, but today the combination of these shades in the three-piece suit will look simply stunning. More than daring trendsetters recommended to mix in one outfit for 3 or even 4 colors, and they must all be as bright.

Go for it!

If you are willing to look like everyone else, stand out from the crowd in the best sense of the word, then go for it on a bold experiment. Try to start with simple. Purchase a plain dress with bright colors and simple cut. Next, use your fantasy and fill it with bright accessories, be it handbags, necklaces, clutches, heels, hats – whatever your heart desires.

However, when choosing colors , prefer saturated colorsthat will simply fit into the overall picture. This Supplement details is perfect for the noble beige colors, it makes any bright accent will look bright and catchy.

Any bright item to your wardrobe, be it a belt, thick-rimmed glasses or eye-popping shoes will look very harmonious, if you “put” them on a neutral background to the rest of the toilet. But for a neutral “base” with which will fit well with any other color, you can use a light gray shade. In addition, topical and stylish blend in a pure white shade with the most even any screaming colours.

If you want to select a neutral thing, don’t be afraid to complement her vibrant hues, and you can use several colors. It is not necessary to combine the red dress with black purse, bracelet and hat. Let it be pink, yellow and brown.

Beware, bad taste!

— catch the main point of the style color blocking, bright colors are very expressive in themselves, so things must have concise fit, we strongly recommend not using decorative add-ons. In order not to look tacky, avoid lush decor or sophisticated styles in clothing.

— do not pick flashy accessories, because all the emotional load in the dress is exactly the color!

you don’t want to risk using two multi-color item of clothing. And if you wore a colored skirt, then complement it should be a plain top, better white or black or to match to any color skirt.

— still, keep in mind that you should not chase the bright colors and the latest fashion trends if you simply don’t go. Sometimes it is better to contemplate than to look ridiculous. And if your white shirt with jeans and ballet flats fit you much better than the combination of flashy colors, then so be it.

— do not fall randomly in the ranks of the urban parrots who completely forgot about the sense of measures. Remember: it is better negoiate than pinch, balance is needed in everything.

— focus on the classics: blue and yellow, yellow and green, green and red.

Today’s fashionable Color blocking is a good choice for confident women, and for those who loves to be the center of attention. Follow our tips and you will be able to create not only fashionable, but no less important a harmonious way in the bright style.

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