Compiling a basic wardrobe women

Ugly women do not exist. But those who do not consider themselves beautiful and in every way demonstrates his low self esteem by the neglect of their appearance – a lot. Completeness takes pride of first place in the ranking of causes of female complexes and self-blame. Meanwhile, even the full figure has dignity. And instead of crying on the scales and focus on their shortcomings, isn’t it better to learn to emphasize your strengths with properly fitted clothes?

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you what should include a basic wardrobe full of women.


That should include a basic wardrobe women

Here is a list of things that are charming pisechka can not do well.

1. Sheath dress. Perhaps, it is difficult to imagine a more functional thing in a woman’s wardrobe. It will be relevant and at the party, and in the office, on a date, and in the theater. Sheath dress successfully combined with blouses, turtlenecks, cardigans and jackets. And to whatever type of shape you may think about, this model would fit you, emphasizing the femininity of the silhouette.

To dress to perform its functions, namely strainilor you and balanced proportions, it is necessary to choose it correctly.

First, the dress should fit well for you to sit. So don’t be lazy when you need to customize it at the tailor. Secondly, it must necessarily be of the dark shade. It can be classic black or any other rich noble color that suits your complexion, for example, blue, wine, purple, etc. and thirdly, choose the length on the palm below the knee. It is this length visually elongates the silhouette, making it slimmer and emphasizes the delicacy of the legs.

2. Black classic pants. They can be straight or slightly expanded downward. Ideally, if these will be supplemented by arrows. Creating thin vertical lines, arrows visually lengthen legs.

Length of pants should be adjusted so that when you stand on the heels, the pants, covered heel.

Thus, with the help of pants and shoes in the color you will be able to increase its growth and thus to throw a few pounds visually.

3. Fitted long jacket. The classic jacket is a must item in the wardrobe of any business woman. Picking up the jacket, make sure it fits well in the shoulders, does not restrict your movements.

Avoid short models. Let the jacket’s length until the early or mid-thigh – depending on what type of shape you are.

It is not necessary to purchase a model with one button – leave on the belly, this jacket will only accentuate your fullness.

4. Jeans. Go with the classics, straight or slightly flared model black or dark blue. No scuffs, rivets, appliqués and other decorative elements on them should not be. First, such items aimed at attracting attention, so they emphasize full hips or buttocks. Secondly, the shorter your jeans are, the higher their variability.

5. Pencil skirt. The model of dense fabric, form fitting but not figure-hugging, dark colors and classic length below the knee is the best helper in disguise excess weight.

It will help to focus attention on values such as a highlighted waist and smooth silhouette. While she flattens the abdomen and buttocks.

Pencil skirt, like the sheath dress – a versatile option for any figure, if you pick it correctly.

6. Blouses or tops with V-neck. It is no secret that the main advantage of the ladies is seductive bust. Well, a V-neck will help to focus attention on the neckline. Although dark shades slim, the upper part of the clothes do not have to choose in such tones.

On the contrary, bright or embellished print blouse will help to distract the eye from problem areas and at the same time and refresh the complexion.

7. Black turtleneck-noodles. In this clothes chest will still look very sexy. In addition, the turtleneck easily combined with different clothes.

8. A longline cardigan. It will hide the fullness of the hips and abdomen. Appropriate in a variety of situations and can be easily combined with many other things.

9. Jumper with V-neck. Cardigan small knit pick, no prints, more calm colors. The jumper must be combined with a sheath dress, with jeans, with skirt and with trousers.

10. Court shoes with heels. Heel is the champion of making the figure slim. Just need to cautiously select its shape. A full ladies sin that wearing shoes with wide heels or rough geisha. But these shoes only accentuate the fullness of the legs and solidity of the figure.

Slim stud is impractical, but also unsafe for health.

Best of all – a stable heel height of about 5 cm.

Basic wardrobe women should definitely be more diverse. However, without these things just anywhere. Due to their skillful combination you will be able to look spectacular and stylish in a variety of situations. And don’t forget about the accessories: one vivid detail at times allows completely new way to present an old thing.