Corns on feet — how to treat?

Special foot care is the most relevant in the summer. As you have to wear open shoes, which immediately exposes all the flaws. In principle, foot care is not so difficult, however, if you find corns on the feet, it should be consider a special care and treatment. How to get rid of such troubles will be explained in this article. (See. also the nail Fungus on the feet).


  • What are corns on your feet?
  • Corns on feet treatment at home
Corns on feet treatment

What are corns on your feet?

So corns do not arise constantly need to know the reason why they are there. The problem is not so big, but still quite unpleasant.

In appearance, the corns are no different from the rough fabric. However, they do not have clear boundaries, but they can be found immediately. If not addressed, the skin with the years, more coarse, and corns on the feet become painful.

If you prefer high heels, it is such a problem you can not avoid. As the load on the foot can not be distributed evenly.

If you constantly formed corns on the feet, this may indicate the development of flatfoot. In this case it is better to consult the doctor the orthopedist, who will pick you special orthopedic shoes.

However, corns on the feet is not as scary as corn, because they do not penetrate deeply into the skin. So to eliminate them is not difficult.

To distinguish corn from corns, you should know that corn is more painful and almost always has clear boundaries and diameter of callus is not so great.

Specialists cosmetic clinics and beauty salons remove corns on feet special products (laser or liquid nitrogen). Can also use a special drill.

However, such treatment only applies to advanced stage. The remaining cases are not scary and do not require such conservative treatment.

Can deal with them independently at home. It’s not too hit for your finances and will not take too much time. (See. also, the Pedicure at home).

How to get rid of corns at home?

To acquire special remedy. Pharmacies quite large range of such products. The most effective means you can tell the pharmacist. Subsequently you can decide for yourself to determine it, after trying several options.

However, you still should have at least a slight idea what should be the composition of these funds. Armed with such knowledge, you will be able to more quickly choose the necessary medicine. Its membership must include at least 10% of salicylic acid.

The perfect solution to this problem will be these Japanese pedicure socks, which will remove the corns on the feet without pain and application.

When applied to corns remedies, you must ensure that it does not fall on intact skin. Therefore, the processing procedure of the corns should be carried out as follows:

  1. For a start, steam them in a hot tub.
  2. Attach the foot patch.
  3. Make a hole in the plaster the size of corns.
  4. To apply a remedy, and stick to 8 hours patch.
  5. Remove corns with a special brush for the feet or a pumice stone. More efficient to use more and scrub.

You can also purchase vegetable cold pressed oil. It is best that it is not refined and does not contain fragrances. Then the oil is soaked socks and leave them on his feet until the morning.

Of the foot can be wrapped polyethylene. film and put on another clean pair of socks. In the morning all should be removed, rinse the feet in soapy water and a pumice stone to remove corns.

Corns on the feet — treatment of folk remedies

1. The most popular tool is a soda–soap tray. Cook it very simple. Stir in warm water a tablespoon of dish soap and 3 teaspoons of baking soda. Enough only 40 min.

Soak your feet in this solution and wipe dry with a scraper.

2. If corns are painful, then you can steam the feet in the bath with the addition of potassium permanganate and salt. Only important not to overdo it with manganese. The water should be transparent.

Salt is necessary quite a bit. After the procedure feet should dry naturally, they should not be wiped with a towel. Soon the pain will be over.

3. Another bath for the treatment of corns on the feet: one liter of water to dissolve 2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide solution. Foot hold in solution at least an hour. After a bath, corns can be easily removed with a pumice stone.

4. If you don’t know where to use sour milk, you can make a foot bath. It is best to carry out the procedure before bedtime. Simply hold the feet in sour milk for half an hour.

Only it must be preheated so that it is hot. Then the feet should be treated with glycerine and castor oil.

5. In the treatment of corns on the feet you can also use a lemon peel which is soaked and applied as a lotion. In the same way you can use aloe Vera, onion or tomato paste.

The selected tool should be applied to the corns and wrap the foot in plastic. Top wear socks and go to sleep. Morning all off, wash the feet and RUB them with a pumice stone.

However, once is not enough, therefore, you should make these packs as long as your foot is completely smooth.

Corns on feet treatment — other ways

  1. Ointment egg. It is based on raw chicken eggs. It adds a tablespoon of vinegar and the any vegetable oil. Ointment to put at night in the fridge. It should be applied to the pre-steaming of the foot before sleeping. So for 15 minutes before applying it you need to get out of the fridge to heat up. Plastered foot should roll up towel and put on socks. The next morning the corns become soft and easy to be scraped. Enough to hold 5 of these procedures and you will get rid of corns.
  2. For this recipe you will need the prunes and milk. Prunes must be well soaked in boiling milk and clean it from the bones. You need to make it hot. Therefore, as soon as the first batch cools, it should immediately change to a new one. The procedure is carried out for 30 min.
  3. Potato compress. Raw potatoes should peel, grate and put in gauze. Lotion is attached to the foot all night.

The best effect can be achieved by using several treatment options. For example, the first feet to steam treatment in the bath, and then at night apply the ointment or compress.

In addition to recipes, there are also cosmetics for the treatment of corns. Let’s look at some popular and effective choices.

The most common means of corns are considered to be special purpose products from Main and faberlik. A great way to combat adoptism is a product of “K-9” from faberlik. The composition of this medium is rich in salicylic and lactic acid.

To prevent against corns, you can use the cream “Corn-Spas” cosmetics company “Luchiks”. If you use this tool constantly, then the corns can be forgotten forever. After all, there is no better treatment than prevention.

However, more about all the tools you will be able to tell only a specialist.