Cracked heels: causes and treatments

Every modern and fashionable women in the appearance everything should be in harmony and in order. Hands and face, and body, and especially feet! Yes, over the legs girls should look especially carefully and often, also, as for your face. This is the procedure for a pedicure.

Does not matter what time of the year outside or the weather if you have outdoor type shoes or closed – your legs should look well groomed always! The legs are literally half of your image. After all, they determine a lot – and gait, and General well-groomed appearance of the person and health and much more.


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Each of you probably wants to look as good as possible – starting with the head and ending with heels. But sometimes these favorite feet not presented with pleasant surprises. These surprises may be quite different – crack, fungus, calluses, peeling of the skin.

The cracked heels are very common, it is not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also quite painful when walking. So if you have suddenly had such a problem, an urgent need to get rid of it.

In fact it is not so difficult, if you do it systematically and thoroughly. There are so many experienced people means which can help in solving these problems. It is necessary to regularly use products from the athlete’s foot.

But in order to get rid of the problem of cracked feet, you need to observe certain very simple rules, which we now will tell you in detail.

Some women are very scattered or not scattered, but very busy, unfortunately, sometimes forget about the most basic requirements and rules concerning foot care.

They do pedicures and similar treatments only on holidays or when they have free time. But this is just unacceptable! Because the skin on the heels may begin to crack, and a layer of dirt and old dead skin on the heels is hardly decorate!

Feet should be washed at least once a day and ideally several times a day, and even better whenever the street! And after the washing procedures, it is better to apply a moisturizing foot cream. So you will prevent the cracking.

And of course, one wash you will not do, and cracked heels can still occur if you’re not still in addition to take care of their feet.

In order to make the prevention of cracks, you will need to follow a few simple procedures: baths with different oils and lotions for the feet, pumice cleansing and moisturizing treatment.

The perfect solution to this problem will be these Japanese pedicure socks, which will remove the corns on the feet without pain and application.

Baths cracked heels

If you already have cracked heels, you can get rid of them through a foot bath. Such baths should be your daily procedures. And if you will not be able to do this procedure so often, the effect is to disappoint you.

Before doing a foot bath, be sure that the water in the basin or tub, enough, cool, you appeared to all the existing problems and burns.

Bath with chamomile

There are very effective baths using chamomile. For this, chamomile flowers pour the water, bring to a boil, then reduce the fire and boil about 15 minutes. Next, insist a couple of hours, wrapped in a towel. After that you can strain the mixture and pour into a container made of glass.

Before you go to sleep wash your feet with soap or shower gel, heat about three quarts of water, pour the obtained ready-made decoction of chamomile. And now just steam feet in this tub for 15-20 minutes.

Then you can treat after the bath your feet using pumice stone and apply moisturizing nourishing cream. Such procedure should be repeated for two weeks.

Foot baths with aloe Vera and an infusion of plantain and starch

That aloe has healing properties, you know, perhaps, old and young. Aloe will help with cracked feet. Make a bath with aloe: about 3-5 tbsp crushed aloe leaf pour a half liters of water and bring the whole mixture to a boil.

When the water begins to boil, immediately turn off the heat and cover with a lid. Leave to infuse for a few hours. Even before you plan to go, prepare two liters of boiled water add the decoction with aloe and steam in the water legs. The whole procedure should not exceed half an hour. The tray is best done straight month – every day.

Bath with plantain cracked heels

As for baths, with the use of plantain, it will be the best remedy if you have painful heels and already deep cracks. To prepare it very easily.

For this you need to grind the sheets of plain plantain. Roughly you will get about 10-15 spoons. Put the chopped herbs in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water on top.

Let the mixture cook more than 5 hours in a closed form. After a decoction of plantain infusion, add about five tablespoons any honey, the better it will be ordinary bee natural honey. Then stir the mixture again and leave for about 5-6 hours.

Then strain through cheesecloth, and add this fragrant mixture to the foot bath by mixing it with warm but not too hot water. In half a liter of broth you will need about two liters of water. This bath should last no longer than half an hour and more. And do it need about 30 days.

But if the situation you have launched and cracked heels become too painful and after 30 days visible results you saw, then of course you can continue the treatment. Most importantly, that you have not had skin allergies to honey.

Bath with starch

Also effectively treats cracked heels and starch. Just heat a couple of liters of boiling water and add to the bowl before you soar feet, a few spoons (4-5) of conventional starch from potatoes, stir the mixture well.

The bath should be taken half an hour, and then wash feet with cool water and let them dry without wiping. Preferably do it until you see visible results. Usually, if your heels are very dry, and cracks have become painful, you will have to treat them for about a month, if not longer.

Mask for feet with cracked

Another method of treatment of the cracked mask for the feet. Bath, which we have described, they are mostly well soften the skin on the feet. They give mainly a cosmetic effect, smooth the skin and remove dead skin cells.

But of course, these baths will not be enough. For effectiveness will need to do the mask. It is better to do it before the bath.

Soothing banana mask

To prepare it, prepare a couple of ripe bananas and three to five tablespoons of any vegetable oil. Banana mash with a fork or kitchen mortar, add vegetable oil and stir to make a thick paste.

Apply mixture to feet, and put on top two plastic bags. You can wear cotton socks and sit there for half an hour. The result will please you almost immediately – you will easily be able to remove without pumice the dead skin old skin and see how the legs are soft and pleasant to the touch.

Nourishing mask

This mask not only impregnate tired summer skin, but will give a healthy rested appearance and smoothness. One of these is the mask of sour cream — it is necessary to melt the butter using water bath and add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream and a few drops of lemon or citric acid solution, mix well. Spread this mixture is pre-steamed and well-cleaned feet.

Fruit mask for feet

1. In summer, recommended masks from a melon or two tablespoons of melon (more melon flesh), one tablespoon of milk and the same of crushed St. John’s wort. Melon pulp to grind and then all the prepared ingredients mix with hand or mixer.

The mask is applied to feet for 30 minutes. It should be done immediately after bath and after a month cracked heels will not be over.

2. Summer can also make a mask based on plums. The mask, resulting from draining, relieves dry feet and helps to heal small cracks on the feet. Mix all the ingredients together: one tablespoon of oil, egg yolk, one tablespoon of prune pulp and one teaspoon of honey.

The mixture was put on foot a thick layer and leave on for half an hour. What is not absorbed into the skin, remove with a napkin or paper towel.

3. There is another very useful and miraculous recipe of the mask, one pear, one tablespoon grape juice, 30g. starch and 30 grams. carrot juice. Pear rubbed on a fine grater, and in this slurry in turn added all the ingredients.

Stir the resulting mixture until a uniform consistency and apply on legs for half an hour. The remnants of the mask will also remove paper. You will see done after which your skin become elastic, smooth and how cool it looks.

Mask with aloe against cracked heels

Mask with aloe and honey is a godsend for problems on your feet. Above we told you about the wonderful properties of aloe. To consolidate our success in the fight against the cracks, we need to combine the baths with aloe with this mask.

Take 6-8 leaves of aloe. In advance put them in the five days before the procedure in a conventional freezer of your refrigerator. Then loop the leaves through a meat grinder, the resulting gruel put in a glass bowl. Add 5-7 tablespoons of honey and 2 egg yolks. Then stir. You can use!

Keep this mask can be no more than a week in a sealed container in the fridge. Apply the mask also only after the bath. Then when the mixture is applied to the feet, wrap them with a plastic bag and put on top of thin socks made of natural fabrics. It is better to leave for the night.

Good morning, just wash your feet with warm water. To treat thus cracked heels you will have about 10 days.

Visceral fat

Also very useful in dealing with cracks can be visceral fat. 5 tablespoon shortening melted in a water bath. In the process of melting there is added 2 tbsp of chamomile and all this is boiled for about 5 minutes.

Then the fat is cooled and poured into a glass dish. There add 0.5 tsp. of aloe juice and mix.

After the foot bath when feet are dry, apply the mixture and cover with a plastic bag. Leave the mask on until morning. Then wash feet with warm water. After 20 days of treatment you simply do not recognize your feet!

Choose the right shoes and socks!

Incidentally, tights and other hosiery from nylon not only contribute to the fogging of the feet, but also contribute to the emergence of topical cracks on the feet. Try to buy the shoes and tights with socks, manufactured exclusively from genuine and pleasant for the body material.

Summer is wonderful and all the favorite time when you can show your beautiful legs well maintained and perfect the delicate skin on the heels. But the drawback in this season is still there and it directly concerns your feet!

Outdoor shoes may contribute to the described problem of cracked heels. For this reason, in the summer, try to give the legs and the skin on your feet special attention.

Cracked heels — expert advice

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