Curl bob 2019

Hair curls, one of the most popular in the history of mankind. Curls created 1000 years ago, using hot iron objects, as well as Curling hair on sticks and so on. Today hairstyle curls, we associate as a festive hair styling, which looks really luxurious and stylish. However, today we will focus on the classic Bob haircut, which can be worn this season, paired with curls. Surprisingly, the stylists note that this season are relevant as large curls and small curls. About how to create hair curls on the basis of Bob haircut, will be discussed in today’s article. We will discuss the most popular methods of home styling, as well as discuss the most popular secrets of modern masters in the hairdressing industry.

Curl bob 2019

Today is incredibly popular procedure for bio-hair, as well as an additional volume of Boost up. In a pair of these two procedures give an incredible amount of hair and curls, which have a long-term effect. So, a modern girl can look stylish and bright, without applying the slightest effort. Thanks to the creation of a root volume, the hair Always looks voluminous at the root, without affecting the upper strands. In turn, the hair bio-hair is a long-term effect for a month or two and also looks incredibly chic. However, if you do not want to use the services of masters, we offer you several options for creating curls at home.

Small curls and how to create them at home.

Small curls and curls that surprise with their unpretentiousness, volume and ease always look attractive. Many stylists claim that easy hair curls, forms the style of modern urban fashionista. This is true, given that the hair curls looks quite romantic and suitable for any occasion in life. To create small curls at home stylists recommend the use of vertical curlers and thermal curls. This method will create small curly hair that look very naturalistic. Another method that allows you to effectively create small curls is the usual beam. Slightly damp hair is recommended to collect in a bunch and tie several times with an elastic band, and then dry with a Hairdryer. When the hair becomes completely dry, you should remove the elastic band and fix the light waves with hairspray. However, remember that the hairstyle turned air is important to use the means to fix with natural composition without wax.

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Another method for creating curls on the basis of Bob haircut, which is one of the most popular today, is laying on a Curling iron. The choice is really surprising in its diversity. Most of them have both large and small nozzles of different diameters to create curls. The most important thing here is to create an additional volume at the roots of the hair, as well as apply thermal protection along the entire length of the hair. In time, hair curler, hot Curling irons, hair injured. It is very important to use thermal protection with the effect of fixation. So you can get beautiful curls that do not quickly disintegrate.

Many girls today prefer to create the curl hair with special Curling iron and flat iron. This is a fairly common method that allows you to create light, angelic curls, in just a few minutes. It is important to fix the result, using a spray for hair easy fixation. However, remember, if you use termo irons or Curling irons, it is important to use strengthening hair masks, as irons greatly injure the structure of the hair.

If you want to create ultra fine curls, use a fine diameter curler or make a Perm on the hairpin. This method was used by our mothers. This method consists in the fact that the hair is divided into small strands and gradually wound on the hairpin, thereby Curling them. Then the hair should be sprayed with a spray to fix and dry
hair dryer. After the hair is completely dry, they are braided and fixed with hairspray.

Another popular hairstyle on the basis of haircuts square, it is laying In the style of sea wave. When creating such a hairstyle, hair should be perfectly smooth and even. But the light effect of the wave is created with the help of special hairpins, which are fixed along the length of the hair. In this case, the hair should be slightly wet, then they are dried with a Hairdryer, remove the hairpins and get the effect of sea wave. The result is fixed with hairspray. This is a great hairstyle for a solemn event, and for a romantic evening.

Hollywood curls.

Probably, Hollywood hair curls dream to make almost every woman. Today it is possible to create with the help of special appliance that automatically generates beautiful, undone curls. This hair iron or a special device, curls each strand of hair for two seconds. In this hair curls have a long-term effect and look stunning. If you often create hair curls, be sure to pay attention to such a variant of styling. Hollywood curls, Or angel curls, can also be created with the help of large curls. To do this, select the curlers with a thermic effect and definitely a wide diameter. Once the curlers are ready, roll your hair and wait for the effect. Next, fix all the large curls with a light hair spray and lightly give volume to the roots of the hair

Stylish bright hairstyle Bob, paired with curls, looks incredibly presentable, But requires a special approach. Today it is important to wear a Bob haircut with a side parting and asymmetry on the front strand of hair. And remember that every hairstyle with curls requires special styling and hair care.



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