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French manicure or French manicure is the most popular and favorite kind of manicure the modern woman. Really, how can you remain indifferent when you look at this delicate and at the same time strict design? Jacket versatile and suitable for all occasions: casual whether you want a manicure, wedding, festive, creative? French manicure is the solution for every challenge!


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Why the French manicure is called the French or having French? Where first appeared manicures, famous for the white smile line on the nail tip? Of course, many did not hesitate to answer that in France.

Indeed, where else could emerge a French manicure? Actually, it turns out that the correct answer to this question has not yet been found. The title of the homeland of the French manicure claimed by the two countries, known for its connections with the world of fashion and style — Britain and France.

The French insist that the idea to place the nails in this style it came to their fashion. According to their legend, the famous French stylists and fashion leaders believed and still believe that on the catwalk the model must be perfect from top to toe, so I got the idea about the design only the tips.

In addition, the undoubted advantage of the jacket is its versatility, it is suitable for any style of outfit and colors, which allows not to waste time repainting your nails if necessary to demonstrate the new clothes.

This version is, of course, very plausible, but there is another, which for several decades has acquired a considerable number of supporters.

United States of America claim that their country, the notion of French manicure and it came under the influence of the film industry.

In fact, the aim of using this nail Polish in America is very similar to the one put forward by the French. In the second half of the twentieth century in American cinemas was filmed a huge number of films and often the actors had one day to participate in the filming of several movies.

Of course, the images were seldom similar, and therefore, manicure Actresses, filmed in close-up, had to constantly change. Of course, this could not affect the health and appearance of nails. The Directors began to receive numerous complaints.

And then, on the U.S. version, came on the scene the Creator of the famous American company for the production of cosmetic products, Jeff Pink. The owner of the company Orly invited the stylists to use a traditional classic manicure, but with a small addition.

Drawing with white paint on the tip of the nail with a smile, he made a revolution in the manicure world. No longer had to constantly change the design of nails, because the French were very interesting, at the same time fit to any style in clothes, and with creation of not demanded much effort.

Since then, much time has passed and now the nail designs French manicure do not only Actresses, but also ordinary girls seeking to have their nails look well groomed and tidy but was not overrun with flowers or decorative elements.

Mention the name “French manicure”, it should certainly be attributed to France, but not necessarily because of origin. The modern world takes France as a model of style, fashion and elegance. And because this manicure somehow embodies these concepts, it was decided to give him such a name.

You can argue long about where we came up with a French manicure, but whatever it was, this technique has rapidly spread worldwide and is now considered public domain.

How to make nail designs French

If you have any desire to create classic, elegant manicure on your hands, it is best to contact the salon. The wizard masterfully doing their job, and you will definitely be satisfied with the result.

But if you have no opportunity to visit such places, or simply wants to master this technique, then the following tips for you.

  • The first thing you need to prepare the nails for manicure. Each girl decorates their own nails, is familiar with the technique of treatment of nails. For the French manicure perfectly fits any nail form: you can choose as almond-shaped and square-shaped manicure in any case will look perfect.
  • After standard processing must be sure to apply a base coat. You need to make the nail surface smooth and flat, the lacquer lay down a smooth layer and no stains.
  • Next, go to the main part – drawing a smile. Masters in the salons do it with a special small brush, carefully making sure that the smile line was equal at each site. If you find this is too difficult, you can use special strips for manicure that you can find at any beauty store.
  • After drawing the smiles on the tips of the nails, you need to wait for the full drying of varnish, and then apply the main lacquer.

Regarding the choice of varnish, as a rule, for classic French white pink color scheme. That is, the smile line runs white lacquer and the base coat of pink. You can also use a regular clear nail Polish.

But this is just classic French. In the modern world, color variety of this nail Polish knows no bounds! The smile line can be drawn with gold or silver lacquer, red, black, blue etc.

A variety of French

As mentioned earlier, now there is an incredible variety of alternatives to the classic French. But do not think that the pink and white manicure is simply a thing of the past. It is still popular and probably will never leave their positions.

Probably, artists working in beauty salons, just very creative people who love creating new forms of French manicure, for which they, of course, a huge thank you.

Currently the average wizard will be able to offer you a few dozen types of cheese to choose from. Not to get lost among the new terms and names, let’s consider the most recent and the most popular French manicure.

Fan French

There is a theory that the person who created this manicure for the first time was a very cheerful person, or at that moment was something very pleased. Despite the name, in the fan jacket there’s nothing funny, it would be better to call it “French Vice versa.”

The Creator of the fan-imposed French on the entire surface of nails white lacquer, and the tip did pink. This was the first test. Subsequently, many girls have diversified this kind of jacket is different, the brightest colors. If you wish to create such beauty on their own, you can safely use any color.

Colorful French

Represents freedom for creativity. You can use two, three or ten colors in the manicure, but don’t forget to make a smile on the tip.

Interestingly, this type of jacket allows the use of paints of different colors on different nails. This manicure looks very bold and is perfect for informal parties.


The main difference between the French use of glitter. And sequins can be applied only to the smile line. The main part of the nail should be covered with Matt lacquer. Often combine a manicure with colored French.

French twist

This jacket is different because the smile line is not one color but two or more.

Hollywood French

Not the usual French. The smile line is not in the form of classic stripes, in the form of various shaped elements: zigzags, zippers, etc..

This type of design requires experience and patience, so better to provide it implementation professionals.

Stylized French manicure

Such manicure combines classic French and absolutely any nail design. Because in this design can meet the drawings, rhinestones, sequins, decorative items.

Moon French

The latest and most topical at the moment, innovation in the field of Frenchy. The essence of this manicure is that most of the nail covered in one color and the other is the tip of the nail, and the hole at the base of the nail plate.



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