Design nail art with clock on New year

Very beautiful and original nail designs with clock New year in white and blue tones. This design prepare the gel Polish white, blue and black, with a thin brush and crystal chips. The author of the master class Simple Nail Art.

Nail art design with clock New year

Two of the nail apply white gel Polish, the other blue. Suffice it to a single layer. Dry in the UV lamp.

Blue gel Polish planned two semicircles on the white marigolds and painted blue.

When marigolds are on one level, the line should be continued from one nail to another. Dry the lamp.

Then mix blue and white paint, get blue tint and draw broad band and blur it using the top. Dry.

The blue gel Polish apply blue glitter on all other nails with vertical stripes. Dry.

On the index finger and the little finger draw snowflakes. Dry in the UV lamp.

Remove the sticky layer and begin to paint black gel Polish clock. For this we need a thin brush. First, draw the body hours thin lines, then dial and hands.

On the ring finger draw numbers from 1 to 3, on average 10 to 12. Dry the lamp.

Cover all nails with top and again dried.

Remove the sticky layer. Decorate the top of the crystal chips with a thick top. Again dry them in the lamp.

Design is ready!

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