Design nail blots

To indulge absolutely any time you can not only fruit or buying things, but a simple manicure. Processed and neat nails is not just beautiful but also free space for imagination. Today we offer you a classic manicure with an interesting nail design — “blots”.

To begin with, we just need to make a standard manicure. Rasp the length of your nails and give them a square shape. Then prepare the bath for hands. If hands have even small cracks, it is best to use a baby bath with chamomile. It will not only soothe the skin, but will also promote rapid healing and strengthen the nails.

It is necessary to pour half a tablespoon of chamomile two hundred grams of boiling water, let stand awhile, then strain and dilute with hot water. Baths as you can do with essential oil and sea salt and calendula.

Because each of them has a positive impact on our hands in varying ways: soothes, relaxes, or nourishes. Soak the handle. Soak them with a napkin.

Next, with a spatula move aside the cuticle and remove the dead skin underneath the skin. Then take small pliers and carefully cut the cuticle, starting from the lateral edge. Opolaskivaniem handles and soak with a clean towel. Do not be amiss to treat the fingers with any oil, also pomassirovti them.

Our pens ready to draw on them “blobs”. Let’s get started.

Nail design blots — how to do

This design is very unique and not usual, and is he not the most conventional way. All in good time. But! If you are too lazy to read the long instructions, just view the video tutorial.

Master class — blots on the nails

To start we cover the nails with white lacquer and dried. This will be the basis for the design. And as the selected design will require space, it is necessary to apply a protective solution on the skin around the nails. In this type of design is used in varnish and in any quantity.

For further work we will take the following lacquers: white, blue, pink and black. And optionally, you can add silver and gold. Also, we need a rubber sheet, which is not a pity, and a straw. Yes, the usual, bar. With her help, we’ll do our nails catchy and attractive.

Then take a sponge and apply a little white and blue lacquer, right next to each other. And Pat make a gradation on your nails, skipping one. The same effect produced with a white and pink lacquer, on the following loose nails. Gradation is applied as bottom-up and top-down.

And here’s the interesting part. To get the blobs, we need the tube. With a brush dialed a little blue paint in one end, send it on the nail and drastically blown out. It is possible and completely dip it in paint, but this way is too much varnish.

And keep a tube you need at a slight angle to the nail is not left one big drop. To continue with another varnish just cut the edge of the tube. Then repeat the process with the pink lacquer. And, of course, add quite a bit of black for contrast.

Wait for the full drying of varnish is not required, remove the protective film from the skin around the nails. All remaining shortcomings can be carefully removed with a brush and liquid for removal of varnish.

Silver and gold polishes apply a light glare. This design will add depth and visual volume. And apply transparent top coat. It is important not to put pressure on the brush, so as not to smear the drawing.

Our design is ready. Look at what happened. This design will help to raise your mood at any time of the year and just get pleasure from the process.

You can choose any technique to perform manicure and any nail design. But the most important is not afraid to experiment with shades. After all that don’t like it, you can immediately fix it.

Video tutorial — how to make nail designs “Blots”

The second option is how to draw blobs on the nail varnish. As a result, you’ll get the design.

Also, this nail design “Blobs” can be done using the stamping Polish.

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