Design short nails

Some are inclined to say that this beautiful manicure necessarily implies the presence as a base of long nails. Of course, such nails look usually effectively, they offer the owner a wide field for experimentation, because on such a surface and you can draw, and create three-dimensional images. Many of them are manicure photo gallery.

Currently, however, a huge number of ideas for manicure short nails, you only need to include fantasy. If performed carefully, taking into account all the details, you can get a extremely attractive result.

Design short nail

The first step is to nail shaping, decisive criterion for which is the structure of your hand. If the toes are short and rather full, choose an oval shape that is closest to the natural appearance.

But if the fingers are long and thin, the scope for creativity wide, you can choose the square option.

This manicure is a labor — intensive, approach it is necessary to carefully and attentively. The color depends on the visual effect you are striving for. If the tint is too dark, the fingers seem shorter than it actually is.

Therefore, although the color palette is very diverse, choose your shade carefully. In the salons, often to such cases must be quiet shades or even colorless lacquer.

French on short nails

Short nails can be a great platform for the French. It can do the same with stripes or without them. Does not necessarily make it a classic.

Classic French on short nails

As a basis we can take any paint, even the stripes can be different colors. You can add rhinestones, drawings, stickers, in General, all that is pleasing to your soul.

This is the most popular design for short nails. Independently to achieve the desired effect, purchase a set for his creation, which includes stickers, white and clear varnishes.

Consider the steps in the process of playing the French manicure on short nails:

  • The first with what begins experienced fashionista, — preparation of the nails by cuticle treatment, removal, giving the previously selected shape and cleanse the nail plate from the previously applied varnish.
  • The second phase involves the application of nail basic nail Polish — it needs to dry. Some prefer to put two layers.
  • Now with the help of members of the set of labels describes the white color of the edges of the nail. Remember that the paint has completely cured, to move the sticker can not be, otherwise all the efforts will end in failure, as the pattern will be destroyed.
  • When all has dried, you can safely rip the strips, and then cover your creation a reinforcing layer of colorless nail Polish.

This type of manicure will last about five days. Do not have to fully follow the classic idea, you can experiment with colors that will give your image of creativity.

However, perhaps overly extravagant color manicure will be too outrageous for everyday life. Variations can be mass – yellow and orange, red and black and so on.

The moon manicure on short nails

Lunar manicure for short nails

Solid color design short nails

We’ll talk about other options, in addition to the French manicure, which also applies if you have short nails. The most simple form — plain nails.

Here is valid only one rule — the varnish should be carefully applied if the first coat gives enough color, you can add richness by applying several layers.

Perfect manicure assumes that the paint applied smoothly, no streaks, strips, chips. If your choice was stopped on the mother-of-pearl lacquer, then divorce you are not afraid.

Even if the varnish on separate sites is uneven, the overall look will be neat, since this color is a little messy play only good. In addition, stencils can still visually increase the nails.

Drawings on short nails

In addition to colors, it is important to note the fact that the drawings on short nails, if done skillfully, it looks no worse than long. What patterns will look in the theme on these nails?

Lots of ideas, for example, a good can decorate their drawings, which is characterized by simplicity, stripes, curls,. Technique of execution is quite easy: the pattern you can create using only nail Polish and a toothpick or needle.

How to create a pattern on the nails? First applied several layers of base color, then has not dried up completely Polish, add drops of a different hue, which are the material to create patterns with a toothpick.

This can be a dash of the usual form or present artwork — flowers, leaves, pictures of animals, pictures of marine subjects. Choose any drawing, reference here will only serve your taste and fashion, if you follow it.

Remember, that should not prevent creating design short nails — dimensional modeling. This form of nails will only atheletica this pattern, it will make a ridiculous manicure, fingers will be visually short and complete.

Desirable decoration nail rhinestone lots, overly lush. These chips are more suitable for long nails, short will only become disheveled.

Beautiful life short nail design ideas

Interesting idea for your manicure is to create smooth transition of color, suggesting the presence of dark tips and bright area near the cuticle.

It is recommended that first time not to try and seek professional help, then application technique can be tried at home.

The most basic solution may be a lacquer of different colors. You can paint your fingers different colors or choose another color for one nail.

The most appropriate color scheme can be soothing colors. If you feel too boring, you can diversify sequins, focusing on one finger or making here’s the moon manicure.

It is not necessary to choose to decorate the nails are too large pictures or decor. It is also worth limit the number of small parts and number of colors.

Also do not forget a variety of colors, they look spectacular and can serve as a great extension of the nail. A bold solution would be for example an animal print. It can also be spread across all the nails, or to focus on a single nail.

Very simple and interesting design can be simple dots, they can do a special stick or an ordinary needle. Points you can distribute across the surface of the nail or to make them French.

For this manicure can come in all colors of the rainbow, you can make glossy dots on matte varnish or color neutral. It will all depend on your mood and image.

Very original and difficult will look marigolds, which are made with stripes.

Everyone chooses for themselves their own, someone takes the professional strips, and someone is more creative and chooses a normal tape or any other tapes adhesive.

Using them is a very interesting solution graphic drawings. It is necessary to apply the main color of the varnish, glue the stripes in the order and direction you have chosen, apply another color of nail Polish, then peel off the strips.

You can also use the design in the style of Ombre. For its implementation it is necessary to apply the basic color of nail Polish to dry it. In a special bowl, mix edge Polish base color and contrast.

Then a small sponge to wet the resulting composition, and apply to the nail. For each nail you to better utilize your sponge. The varnish got on the skin should be removed with liquid varnish remover.

There are many designs short nails, you only have to show imagination and interest.

All young girls and women at the age of paying much time to their appearance and strive to look perfect. Necessary component of and an important complement to any outfit is a beautiful manicure. In some cases, it is a real decoration.

Many ladies mistakenly believe that beautiful and stylish look only long nails. Therefore in different ways try to extend, not even thinking about the fact that short nails can become a real decoration of your image.

Short nails is not only very beautiful but also convenient in everyday routine. They do not bring as many challenges as long. Now, there are many different options to decorate short nails, you should only choose the one that fits for you.

The most important thing that every girl can do it not only in salon but also at home.

Given the modern trend of fashion and to apply some tricky moments, you can achieve the perfect manicure.

It is important to understand what methods and tools will be available for its implementation, and which can only be done at the salon. Sometimes is worth to trust the professionals.

Short nails is the perfect canvas to create your fantasies. It can look very impressive. Just regular care for your hands and nails, nourish them, make beautiful designs and then they will sparkle like never before.

Design for short nails “Braid” video tutorial

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