Dress-transformer — dress with a “double bottom”, with a hidden meaning

Thing-surprise – with a “double bottom”, with a hidden meaning… Funny, intriguing, often unexpectedly, and most importantly – very comfortable! Transformers, namely, they are talking about, organize, and simultaneously diversify the living space, which significantly facilitate our lives. Cool surprise guests, in front of which the dining table turns into a comfortable bed.

Or — to keep the tension of girlfriends, secretly envious of your originality, but don’t even guess that all of your numerous outfits with the same dress-transformer.

Dress-transformer emami: a million-dollar idea!

A million options, a million rubles, a million discoveries, in the end – a million compliments and enthusiastic attitudes! Well, maybe with zeros we are a bit overdone, though… Since in the 70-ies floating in the air the idea of “limitless dress” was brought to life by journalist Lydia Silvestri, this unique and versatile fit has earned a true national love.

Now the miracle of the robe often called dress emami – the name of the Scandinavian brand. The company specializiruetsya on the issue of the outfit “200 in 1”. To hold the interest of his many admirers, deservedly lovers in this dress, she continues to improve and transform the already multi-transformer.

Only the model names like “twisted”, “non-permanent”, “singing ring”, “dimension”!..

And it would seem only straight or flared skirt with a wide belt and long straps… However, the appearance of this original and extremely sought after fashion product changed more than once, and every designer has breathed into it his ideas and intentions. Began to appear more — for example, detachable, details. This finding is very well blended in Bridal fashion: in the “solemn” part of the action, the bride appears in a long elegant toilet, and in the evening, unfastened the ribbon cable or the lower part of the skirt, famously danced at the disco in the mini.

In short, in any case, the dress which is eloquently referred to as “transformer”, will always justify your expectations:

• save your owner a lot of money

• like no other outfit will come in handy in traveling: because in form it is a purse, and the content is self-contained closet

• moreover, contrary to popular belief, prevailing due to the supposedly glamorous nature of the fabric, the transformer will provide not only formal, festive or romantic, that is, the front output of the light. Casual options, including the winter, is also quite within his power

• will be amazing again and again even its possessor: dress “on the floor” a few minutes can be transformed into a sundress-mini, jumpsuit, top, tunic or fancy outfit with a hood

• limitless number of versions will allow you to “play” with your figure, hide what need to hide and have something to be proud of. And if earlier it was believed that this style is only good to look so thin, now a-line, suggesting a seductive, flowing draperies, will give an airy feel to even the most appetizing forms

• dress is made from crease-resistant elastic material, and this means not only that the transformer, it is in any situation does not need the iron. And look will be perfect!

How to wear a dress-transformer

For starters, of course, it is necessary to purchase. But in principle, quite easy to make most, if there is at least some sewing skills. Some of the problems that may arise due to special requirements for materials – Jersey, silk, chiffon, spandex, which will require some tweaks. The stitches should be as elastic to the fabric is not wrinkled, and the edges need to be processed in a special way.

Stitching will be harder if you perform this amazing dress from double-sided fabric, but then his opportunities increase significantly, it is the transformer!

Of course, even by itself, the dress will replace the contents of whole shelves of fashion boutique. However, if you have to combine it with “normal” clothing, then you have a chance never to be repeated! Various shirts and tank tops related, or, conversely, contrasting textures, subtle “knee socks”, cardigans, and leggings or pants – depending on the weather and tucked the case will make a good company super-dress.

Shoes and bags, as always, help is logical to complete the ensemble. If you plan to “transform” the dress several times a day on different occasions, then he fit the classic shoes or elegant sandals which will peacefully coexist with any transformer. The most neutral model of bag is considered the bag-an envelope – that is, in the feast, and in the world. And, of course, jewelry. After all, they put a point in any way. Going to work in the morning, limit yourself to moderate brooch, bracelet, understated necklace or earrings. But for evening supplies supporting effective.

Enjoy your, truly feminine, unpredictability and “variability”. And most importantly, remember: even if already invented 200 ways of transformation of the miracle of the outfit, the 201st, the most interesting can be in your hands!