Elegant clothes: more than style, higher than fashion

What is elegance? We often use this word when describing a person or object, guided by some inner sense, accurately describe which we sometimes can not. The word “elegance” comes from the French ?l?gant – refined, elegant, graceful.

Today the site Stylish Chick wants to talk to you about what makes a woman elegant and above all about elegant clothes.

What is elegant dress?

What makes our clothes elegant? Elegantly – not identical fashion: elegance is always in fashion, it is out of context of the time. Elegance is not equivalent to the style: the style can be shocking, provocative, bold and generally very far from elegance. Do not confuse also the elegance with the beauty: the presence of one does not necessarily imply the other.

There are lucky women who is a unique quality given by nature, and they do not need to make efforts for its development. Others have it in yourself in every way to be cultivated. However, as a rule, elegance is the companion of a certain emotional maturity. Typically, a woman comes to elegant dressing style by trial and error, by experiments on their image.

Signs elegant clothes

1. She sits on the figure. Elegant woman knows all the peculiarities of his Constitution, understands that you want to hide and what to emphasize. Is able to determine its size. Versed in the peculiarities of tailoring. You need to be aware that elegant clothing does not necessarily have to be expensive and branded. Even a very expensive suit or dress would look at best ridiculous, if it is sewn on wrong you the patterns or not in your size.


Thank God, the modern market gives an opportunity to any woman with any purse to find the closet. You just find a suitable clothes – a question of patience. By the way, an elegant woman knows how to present all your way that clothes which she’s wearing, looks expensive and good quality. She just knows what not to focus, and what is not worth saving.

2. Easy. Yes, all genius is simple. Anyway, but elegant dress is distinguished by a certain brevity and restraint, both in cut and color, and style, and decor. Clothing, decorated with a scattering of rhinestones and frivolous lace in large amounts is unlikely to pass for elegant. It is also difficult to call elegant clothes neon colors: bright pink, for example.

But this does not mean that only black or business clothes can be described by this epithet. Elegance does not mean conservatism.

It is very important in your pursuit of elegance inner instinct to feel the thin line between simplicity and boredom.

3. Accuracy. Elegant woman did not appear in society with a loop on the sock, a stain on a blouse, or a torn button on the jacket. She wears a worn, shiny things from time to time. Her black coat there are no white pellets. She’s not wearing a stretched sweater polesovsky outside loops.

And these rules are immutable in any environment: elegant woman will not allow themselves to slovenliness in clothes either at work or at picnics, at home or on a walk in the Playground.

4. Relevance. Apparel can be considered elegant in the context of the situation and in relation to a certain person. This means that you should feel comfortable in it. It is difficult to feel at ease if you, for example, dressed in a strict business suit, and all around – in the elegant cocktail dresses. Or if you wearing clothes that would be better suited to your 20-year-old daughter, than you.

The ability to look in any environment harmoniously and sense of self unique style is a necessary quality in the Arsenal of elegant women.

5. The attention to detail. In appearance elegant women everything has to be thought out. She knows how to look the whole image, for a good 70% depends on accessories and how to choose the right hats, bags, jewelry, gloves, belts, scarves.

Elegant closet eliminates the spontaneous purchases: it is any thing needs to be chosen with intent, otherwise it turns into a wardrobe full of a huge number of incongruous with each other things. Elegant woman do not wear and do not buy something just because she madly in love, if it does not fit into the General concept of the outfit.


Of course, we covered only the basic characteristics elegant clothes. The ability to dress elegantly is an art, but it can be learned. It takes experience, patience and desire. In the end, elegance is not only a closet, it’s a lifestyle. Will have to work on the makeup, and over the behavior, and many other things. However, it is possible that this new style you very like it – because others will perceive you differently, and it will not be slow to affect the quality of your life.